Wish Peolpe Would Get Away From the Me First Mentality

This attitude that the President should sever them first , reminds me for Tienanmen square with the students . Policy , and initiatives don't happen over night . It takes time for thing to work . The students thought they should have democracy faster and they should be served first . They got stomp on and deserved it . Too bad those American that think that they should be severed first don't rally out in the open and get them self stomp on . Then things can get done in an more orderly fashion . Yeah I know that's very communist of me but it seem to have work for China .Desprate time desperate measures  so the saying goes .

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

This was a while back when many thought the president elect had not been serving there personal needs . Had to vent a bit then .

Day-um, g!!!<br />
I’m all for community, hospitality, and those who would be served must first serve, but shyt, man!<br />
You got me buggin! HA!