A New Era

Bye bye Bush.  What a mess you've left in this country.  Obama and the rest of America will be cleaning up your mess for years.  And the Limbaugh-loving right wing will blame all this economic disaster on Obama.  It isn't so.  

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Yes, I support the President also, I love what he has been doing in regard to funding the military, giving veterans proper funding, funding stem-cell research, education, getting ready to lift the Federal ban on medical marijuana for people who need releif from chronic conditions, I am loving it all. But I love the educational philosophy- educating our citizens is a national security measure- so true, go medical research, find cures, Im still excited by all of the good coming from the administration, and so early

They're blaming Obama from day one. "The Obama Recession"<br />
What a bunch of whiny losers. I can't believe what we have to clean up after those bastards!

Amen to that! I was so relieved when Obama won I cried. I was ready to leave the US if McCain had won.