He Supports Ending All War, Including Class War.

I know that scares the hell out of small thinkers and republicans beholden to their masters, because it means the end of shooting people, and the end of taking advantage from the rest. And because it means the beginning of rational thought, selfless consideration, and civil negotiation.

Extravagance is always at another's expense.

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You are correct in saying Afganistan is not the place to be. We can not be a positive effect there we will make things worse it is a no win situation for us. The area and goverment are way to unstable. I know you do not agree with Iraq but a lot of good came out of it for the Iraqie people. but Afganistan is not ready for help from the outside, not yet. It is scarry what goes on over there and maybe someday we may regret getting involved at all or maybe not getting involed in the right area. It is complicated and we need to remove home politics out of it.

Obama is trying to end wars, not start them. That is what the poster meant. Afghanistan if spiraling out of control, and so he is faced with two choices. Completely withdraw our troops or leave the ones already there to die as they are being overrun. He thinks he is making the prudent choice but I don't agree with him, based on what I have heard from soldiers and the Joint Chiefs and based on polls which indicate that a vast majority of Iraqis and Afghanis feel justified in killing US soldiers, who are trying to 'help' them. It's a hopeless situation. <br />
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I personally support a complete withdrawal from both Iraq and Afghanistan, since our presence in their lands inspires as much violence as it prevents.

If he is ending all wars, why is sending more troops to Afganistan? And no offense but small thinkers are the ones who think they are the only idea or opinon that matters. Your statement alone would put you into that catagory it is closed and unmoving. The great thinkers of all time, were those who would listen and consider things from many sides and were open to those who's opinon differed from their own. So are you or are you not a thinker.