Obama believes that if we allow the United States citizens to be able to sue foreign governments, that would give way for other nations to sue the United States. (Wonder what would the US get sued for.) He opposes the 9/11 bill that blames Saudi Arabia for aiding in the September 11th terrorist attack. Are you for or against that bill. The families who are victims of the attack are angry with president Obama.
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Obama is useless, clearly in league with those trying to spread Islam.

Dhimmi twits like yourself will be first to the slaughter, when Islam rolls in

Come on Hazel, be truthful!

Clearly, you don't have a brain in your head hazel!

You are a Notsi!

you aren't worth protecting!

****'s like you are today's Nazis

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Obama's is a treasonous gay bastard, and Michelle is a cross dressing guy, but other than that they are a disaster for America.

hazel....why didn't your parents go to planned parenthood?

besides the whole Planned Parenthood does very few abortions, especially in comparison to their other services, my opinion is that your mom should have swallowed...

ummm, I don't think it is even possible to argue with something this stupid...

LaLa, you're really stupid!

You libs are all alike when it comes to PP! Go kill some more babies, dumb *****!

Out of curiosity, were you born with such a low IQ, or were you dropped on your head a lot as an infant?

If I have a low IQ, it's evidently still higher than yours! You don't understand much, do you! Dropped on your head?....how old! Nothing original!

Hazel, you're a stupid ******* *******. I never even hinted about going to war, asswipe!

BTW Hazel, you're definitely not a writer! Give up on that!!!

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He's a ******* ******* and a disgrace to the US
He doesn't give a **** about American citizens
Can't wait for him to be out

**** her, she's just as bad
I wouldn't vote for her if she paid me too

Hazel....you're an idiot! She's the absolute worst thing that could happen. Get your head out of your ***!

If you believe in Hillary, you definitely have nothing upstars, moron! BTW, Hazel???? For a man!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Sigh. I am not a Hillary supporter, but I am a supporter of facts. Benghazi (which is the 2nd largest city in Libya, a country in Northern Africa located next to Egypt) had absolutely nothing to do with Hillary. Under Bush Jr, there were 39 attacks on US Consulates or Embassies that resulted in 89 deaths. Why does no one ever talk about them? I am probably the only person on this damn site that was actually with the US State Department, and the whole Benghazi thing is nothing more than a political witch hunt.

Typical liberal....lie, lie, lie!!!

What exactly did I say that was a lie?


sooooo, Benghazi is not a city in Libya?

Give it up LaLa!

I would say, quit acting stupid, but you can't help yourself!

there you are moron!

Hazel, you have no memory at all!

I think you missed the whole part about me not being a Hillary supporter... I would vote for her if my alternatives are Trump or Cruz, but that isn't saying much. I suppose I am a feminist in that I believe that men and women should be treated equally, but I am certainly not a feminist in the way that people think of when they hear the word. I would never vote for a woman simply based on her gender. I am also not a big fan of the US State Department, or of Hillary Clinton's leadership. I do think that she handled the situation poorly, particularly because she appeared to be less than forthcoming. The fact remains that she was not responsible for the decision or the means to send back- up on that fateful day. The other fact is that I was with the State Department when it happened. I know how they work, and I know that she did nothing criminal. The Benghazi hearings were important, and people needed to learn from it, but after a while it became a political witch hunt. Jimmy Carter is critical of her actions while Secretary of State, and I tend to agree with him. I just have a serious issue with people who can't even spell the damn name trying to act like they know what is going on. I am not a fan if President Obama. I think that he inherited a difficult situation though, and I think he has done the best he could. What you are seeing is my hatred of people who say things like "Obummer is a mooslim traitor." If someone has an issue with a policy then I would love to hear it and discuss it rationally.

Oh, and I do appreciate the fact that you presented your opinions in an intelligent, well-thought out way. I have a lot of problems with people here refusing to do more than insult me instead of addressing my opinions or statements. Thank you for that.

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Every president faces immense challenges and has to make decisions based on information we are not and never will be privy to. Trying to judge a president is generally pointless. Couple this with every president still having to work through congress, and worse, the lobbyists that control congress it's just impossible.

The political system has come down to a two party farce, is not a true democracy but a republic.

We were founded as a republic and not a democracy.

9/11 bill should goes to Bush family he's traitor of his own ppl and you can thank him for 9/11 and destroying twice and financial crisis.

I actually hate the man...

This could be the only thing he's ever done that I support!!

You are right!!!

I think he got it right on this one!

It's no longer relevant. He's a lame duck president. He is not getting rr-elected no matter what. Hillary is his next in line whether we vote for her or not. It's not the voters that count but those who count votes. They fix it to match their agenda.

Obama is a good president


That's because Saudi Arabia threatened the US if we pass that bill. Should we do, that would spell disaster for the Americans in Saudi Arabia.

Then they should probably be angry with the United States too, we've funded every terrorist group we've been up against at some point. But seriously, we already know what group did it. Why is anyone angry about not blaming anyone but the group.

He is loved and hated

Obummer is a Bummer!!! If he is for it I'm against it. After a while it becomes a no brainer.

Obama believes you shouldn't kill yourself... ;)

You're a complete moron, La La!

nope. just responding logically to the statement. You must have missed the wink.

No, You're a moron!

sigh. I am done playing with you. I really don't give a damn about your opinions. Go annoy someone else.

And you're still an idiot....btw, you're a terrible playmate.

When did he tell you that?

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Gets right to the heart of it though, doesn't it ?
Why do we treat the Saudi Arabians with such respect when we KNOW so much of the Al Quiada / ISIS stuff comes from their country?

I actually agree with this. The fact that we ignore so much is disturbing.

Um - um - i'm an islander and I stand for the banana republic :D .........

Opinionated view - I figure if this bill passes 1) middle easterners will counter sue for innocent civilian lives lost during bombing operations against Isis , talibans, Iraq in the gulf war etc . There were error kills so to speak , not to mention infrastructure damage - so that may open a can of worms in the long term .

2) Saudi Arabia would take a vengeful turn and flood the oil market and make the current oil price slump - increasing global instability with other oil producing nations , thus creating a very aggressive atmosphere and wars can be easily triggered - a hungry wolf is more likely to strike ......

Compensation for families of 9/11 - I don't know for facts if it was provided , but yes some sort of arrangement should be made to deal with this if not already ........

excellent response. =)


Forget about 9/11 , president yomama has stirred up race wars in this country. I've never seen it this bad. The only one more ignorant than the president are the knuckle heads that put him there twice.

let me guess, you are a white, middle-aged male, right?

Let me guess, your an open minded free thinker. I just think things have been getting worse. His foreign policy is horrible, the Middle East is in shambles. This whole black lives matter movement is nothing more than police bashing lawlessness. Even the democrats are turning on him. I just don't see him as a strong president.

I disagree with much of what he has done, but at the same time it is impressive that he got ANYTHING done with Congress. But one thing he is not responsible for is a race war. Unless you count the fact that all the racists crawled out from under their rocks when he was elected.

I think every time there's been an incident with a black guy getting shot by police the president could have came out in support of the police. Instead he has spoke out against them. Granted some police have acted foolish but for the most part they have been justified in their actions. By not supporting the police he has indirectly created this movement BLM. Do you know how many police have been killed just sitting in their car eating lunch. If you have loved ones that are cops you might feel different.

But I do... I have friends who are cops, and THEY say the police are badly trained. Most police officers are good. But there have been some horrible miscarriages of justice. I understand why people are afraid and angry. I live in a wealthy suburb and I really do believe that the police pull people over for DWB (driving while black). I see it all the time.

The way police are being treated, I would not want to be a cop. They are not payed very well and most people hate cops. If it's not a desirable job then it will attract less quality people. That will not be good for anyone.

I do agree with that. We should be doing more for the people who protect us.

You would have to have your head in the sand to think that he's not whipping up race tensions

You can always tell a liberal by their insults. They think they are smarter than everybody else but they can't help themselves with the childish name calling.

Just like the guy that just won NY. Let me guess, he's Adolf also right.

Um..I am black and it is very obvious that he has played a huge role with regards to race tension in this country..Seriously, he only speaks out when the issue has to do with black and white, and before getting all the facts there he is deciding that the black person most certainly was targeted ..I have no idea how people could sit there and defend half the **** he has done !


why do you like the name Adolph, you must be a Nazi dickhead!

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Obama is fighting a war against America. Treason.

Not you again. You are one person I will not miss.

I once thought Obama was a good choice, but he has disappointed me over and over again.. There been some good things and some bad things , but I cannot support his views at this time in my life .. I do appreciate his efforts but I believe he has lost focus of the agenda for America! As a black woman and As a former U. S. Marine I cannot support his agendas at this time , for he has left the military culture to fend for itself and that is a very sad situation .

Obama is a retart


You know what was meant, LaLa Libby!

in the exact words of the Urban Dictionary "retart is for the dumb ***** who cant spell retard." I was giving her the chance to explain that perhaps she thought Obama was involved in the Slovakian label that presents contemporary artists...

Retard, is that better, lol

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Worst president in our country's history.

You haven't studied much US history, have you?

It's really obvious that you haven't....Jimmy Carter is now breathing a big sigh of relief because he isn't considered the worst anymore!!!!!

Lol. While I will agree that Jimmy Carter, while a brilliant man, was not a good president, I have to say that your knowledge of history is faulty at best. I happen to know a lot about history and politics. I think it is because I spend my time reading instead of trying to **** mother/daughter pairs...

Aren't you the clever one, libturd!

I haven't said anything "liberal". But yes, I am clever enough to not use inane insults like "libturd" or "Repugnut".

Gee, you just did!

You're very dumb, you must be a conservative to be this dumb.

omg. You are a complete moron, aren't you?

hey. I haven't talked to you in a while

Yes, Jackson is!!!! As are you!

Open your eyes and look around.... If you can't see what's going on, there's no help for you.... Not even obozocare!

You're so immature. You're just throwing around silly sounding words for things you don't like. Turtle feet potty face.

So young and so stupid!

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President Obama is great

Keep happy in you your zombie Libtard world. Obama and now you want to give us another corrupt as **** Clinton or hug a terrorist Bernie.

I am really going to be happy when Hillary wins in November. You are just another full of hate Republican

You are just a stupid ****

You just proved my point

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Worst, most anti USA president ever

Is this based on any actual facts?

It's my opinion of his presidency. Everyone views what America should be differently.

Those of us who have an education prefer to have facts to back up our opinions =)

The things I would describe as failures would be wins to a socialist liberal. So facts don't really mean much- it's about perspective.
Typical liberal response though 😂😂

Actually, my point has more to do with your knowledge of history than my philosophical beliefs. I disagree with many of Obama's decisions.

Bryan....you're right, typical liberal response! Nothing important!

Bryan... I've found that those that brag about their education really doesn't have much of any!

Sorry, what? I went to Johns Hopkins University and was a diplomat to China. Would you like to reconsider your statement?

No, no need to reconsider. I doubt you're anything you say you are!

Don't worry. I have plenty of proof =)

like I said, I doubt it!

La1fu just showed me her Chinese visa in a US passport. It is legit.

i haven't seen it, why should I believe you?

That one was for you.

Under the rightwing hippie worshipping crazies, the US will become a war zone. But then again, that is exactly what they want.

so confused. Who in the US is a right wing hippie worshipper?

I wouldn't pay attention to these idiots insulting you, their clearly just jealous who are right wing conservatives craving war as usual.

thanks =)

So young....so much experience!

So old, so angry, never had a passport except maybe when hiding in some US military base somewhere.

You know absolutely nothing about me, moron!

The people who claim they worship an unemployed long haired bearded dude, who walked around in sandals and preached peace and love, soon 2000 years ago.

lol. Well, I would have fewer issues with them if they actually followed the teachings of said hippie. I missed the parts about starting wars, refusing immigrants, not helping the poor, and making lots of money.

That's because their only true god is money and personal power, themselves.

What person has ever provided a job to anyone that had no money? Seriously? It's satisfying knowing you are providing a job to someone who can then take care of their family. My particular company employees about 20-25 people. This is fantastic that these people have jobs and are providing. Not relying on a hand out, but working. More work means more jobs and it also stimulates the economy.

I do agree with that, and I think it is awesome that you are in that position.

That's your choice if you don't believe Jesus and His teachings. Ultimately we will have to answer to Him and I hope we are each ready when we stand before Him.

And I've found that Republicans are messed up people hiding behind a facade of religious decency. Your username is "fuckotherwives." Wtf?

You mean those _who_ brag about their education _don't_ have much of _it_?

Grammar police much, idiot?

Yeah. There seems to be a law of nature that dictates that the more "conservative" your political views are, the less versed you must be in your own native language.

You're a riot....and that's about it! But that's better than nothing, I guess!

Actually, Saudi threatened the US. If we pass the bill, we endanger the lives of all the Americans currently in Saudi Arabia.
Obama is so anti-USA.


Not antiUSA*

Gdi why do I always screw up on crucial words.

😂😂😂 Hey man- it happens to us all.

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I know that Obama is coming to see us in the UK! His visit will stir up a hornets nest! We in the uk are wondering if we should leave the Euro land! And stand alone! And no matter what his statement is he will wind up the other half of the U.K. So I feel sorry for him before he arrives hear!

Britain leaving the EU is the worst choice your country will ever make. You're one of the most hated countries in the world with only Europe really helping you. You're going to **** off Europe who'll punish your economy and you have barely little to none friends on the wider spectrum. Since its England's fault so many countries are in the *******.

Lets remember how much the family's got from the 9/11 trust fund. Lets see if I remember Collected over $3.9 Billion Plus Saudi Arabia gave another $1,500 Billion so total was $5.4 Billion Every family that died in the twin towers on 4 jetliners total pay out to each family was close to $2,365,650 Million unless you were a cook or dish washier or window washier or bathroom person 350 total got less than $250,000 But all paid out in receive able funds was Plus Insurance paid another $16.9 Billion making every family a Millionair. Will they pay back the tax payers who sent money to World Trade Center? Be angry yes but what will you do if you take a trip over seas or to Mexico and now they can sue you? We are protected from countries that would sue the United State for pass mistakes like war! Or other mistakes we

I'm not saying you are incorrect, but I am curious to know where you got this information

I seen a recent news feature regarding the Saudis involvement in 911, I cannot believe we let them off the hook so to speak, yes those poor families have a right to be angry.

Sad days are these when those things take on more importance than a human life :(

Inside job :p

OMG I can't listen this bullshit anymore USA you did your self 9/11 to make easy to get to Afghanistan for oil and occupants them soil that's why all world hate you you illuminati kind of system government is that's why world is ****** up HO!

What????speak English!!!

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