President Obama Shows Grace And Eloquence Under Fire

I watched President Obama field questions from his Republican critics yesterday. So much for the criticism that he just reads from the tele-prompter. He was under fire from a room of 140 Republican members of the house. He not only had facts and figures to refute their assertions, he repeatedly called them on their tactics. This is some thing President Obama is particularly gifted at--He both addresses the content of what comes his way and the meta-level of how the conversation is being structured.

He asked for the meeting to be televised. No wonder! He was made for this British Parliament-style exchange. He knew he had the advantage in being able to directly address the talking point criticisms being directed at him. And it was a compelling, enlivened exchange. As for the Republicans complaining that he "lectured them"-- Well, this was a spanking they have had coming for a long time!

I still wish that he had taken charge of the health care reform debate earlier in the game. But I see this man learning as he goes along, just as he did during the campaign. I loved seeing him pierce through some of the more ridiculous assertions from his Republican critics. Damn, but he is smart!

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Prettypoison, you have such a distorted view of me, our president, and liberals and progressives-- I really don't have anything to say to you.

But fixed ideas about who liberals are certainly can and do. Ditto for fixed ideas about conservatives.

Oh my, I leave my story for a few hours. . .<br />
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Thanks, Annie, for piping in during my absence. I don't really have a reply for these other folks. They are arguing with the liberal in their heads. I don't want to interrupt!

A request. Eve is a very calm, even tempered, delightful and gracious woman! no need at all to get personal with her about politics....a challenge to some, i know. But trust me, you don't want to pigeon hole this lady! Raise the bar.

They're here! They've ventured out of their comfort zone!<br />
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HA! Have fun Eve. Good to see you back.

Amen Visualone! He is a con man and a used car salesman and they buy his snake oil every day. Oops, I guess that will not be understood here so I will translate---he tells you whatever he thinks that you want to hear and you believe his every word. You also believe that of the biased media and do not understand that there are two sides! Yes, a hug and a Barney song will make life better. Print more money to pay for the deficit. And finally, blame Bush for everything because the democrat Congress could not do anything so it had to be Bush's fault. In fact, wasn't World War I his fault too!

I guess Palin couldn't comfortably look at her hand during her interview with Katie Couric. Sharon Angle has learned from Palin's experience and is exercising her First Commandment rights to only do scripted interviews. But even in those, she reveals herself because God told her to.

Yeah... and as Troubleshooter just pointed out to me somewhere else, Palin writes her talking points on her hand... pathetic pathetic pathetic.....

Bush couldn't even read the teleprompter.<br />
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'You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test'<br />
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Too funny... talk about idiot teleprompter readers... Sarah Palin.... George W. Bush....

More platitudes without substance from Visualone. Yawn.

It is sickening. People don't want to be confused with facts, it seems.

Right on! He sure needs support, all this hate-mongering against him is sickening.

I hope so!

It was enlightening to watch him at his best. Perhaps we will see more of this.

I agree! He has the biggest bully pulpit in the world. I'm so glad he's using it to call out that bunch! I've only been able to see snippets of the meeting. Can't wait to see it all!