Grow Some For The Gipper

I support President Obama.   Let's hope that, after this video goes viral, he needs a truss for support!  Ha!  Do your part, forward the video to your family and friends, call the number and spread the testosterone!

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Socialism paves the way for the new world order, ever seen endgame? I just watched it and took notes, think I'll write a story about that. I don't support the current government nor the past government's actions at all. War and economic games are wrong. Hitler's dead. Let's compare Obama to our own ideals and desires for our own country. Research is called for..

Support teachers! Our state has just cut aid to school districts drastically. Our district is losing five million dollars at the same time our teacher's contracts are up for renegotiations and next year's school budget is up for a vote. Its horrible the way the conservatives in this town are turning on the teachers like a pack of rabid dogs. The hate that is being expressed is truly frightening. Its as if all their frustrations about their own financial troubles and the nations's are the actual fault of teachers! No consideration to how they are effecting their children who are taught by the very same people who their parents are demonizing so horribly!

It's a fair characterization of trickle down economics. The Laffer curve is appropriately named. <br />
<br />
The middle and lower class have been getting pissed on since the Reagan revolution, when he succeeded in a few things: <br />
<br />
SPREADING THE WEALTH AROUND. The most massive re-distribution of wealth... upward. Look at the tax rates for the rich under the Republican Eisenhower, then look at the tax rates for the rich under the Republican Reagan. <br />
<br />
DESTROYING THE UNIONIZED WORKFORCE. Unions used to have power and numbers, now they comprise about 7% of the workforce, I believe. The greatest victory of all was convincing millions of lower class Republicans that unions and government were the source of their troubles. Don't look behind the curtain at the benevolent rulers of our economy. Remember, the CEO's want what's good for you, not what's good for profits. Hahaha. <br />
<br />
YAY MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. The cold war never ended for Republicans. Our military budget is a cancer which is eating up our entire GDP. Remember kids, it's ok to spend a trillion dollars to illegally occupy countries which did not attack us, but it's OUTRAGEOUS to spend $900 Billion over 10 years to provide healthcare insurance for all Americans. Where's your patriotism, you damn traitors on the left? Support soldiers, not doctors and teachers!

Vendetta, bill Maher had a funny line a couple of weeks ago. He said "we found out what Trickle Down Economics really means: the rich get richer and then p i s s on everybody else"

You say socialism as if it's a bad thing. If only republicans had their way, there'd be no pesky taxes and government to screw everything up, we'd live in a libertarian paradise... where the rich would laugh their ***** off at the poor scrubs they've fooled into worshiping the mythical and benevolent "free market". <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
The values of Republicans and LIbertarians never ceases to amaze me. They're not very bothered by our current crippled healthcare system with runaway premiums and 30 million uninsured. Hey the people that can't afford healthcare should have made more money, right? It's not MY fault that my neighbor lost his house and life savings because he got sick. He either should have been richer or he shouldn't have gotten sick. What does it have to do with ME? <br />
<br />
It's as if they obsess about some poor person somewhere getting something that they didn't pay for. This is the thought that keeps them up at night. The 10% of our population that cannot afford any healthcare coverage at all? Don't bother me with their problems, tough luck for them.

WhenThe Walls Fall, by your definition, we have been a socialist country for a long time, what with Medicare and social security. Are you wanting those to go away, too? Why single out Obama?

Whenthewallsfall......<br />
Let's first define redistribution of wealth.<br />
Your definition as I understand it is:<br />
<br />
Taking from the rich to provide for the poor's needs<br />
<br />
My definition:<br />
<br />
Taking from the poor and middle class to provide for the rich's greeds

Whenthewallsfall, Its always funny to me how simplistic right wing polemics are. Do you really think good effective public policy is possible if we are forced to stay within narrow ideological labels? If you insist on total political correctness and need a pure free market capitalism determining every aspect of your society... maybe you should move to Somalia! Pure Libertarian paradise. Its every man for himself and not a socialist boogeyman to be found anywhere!

Oh, so we shouldn't trust anyone that wants to improve society by offering solutions, we should trust the people who like things the way they are? Maybe we should trust the religious freakshows that think we're already in the end times? <br />
<br />
You're right that we shouldn't be happy with the healthcare legislation that's about to pass, because it doesn't go far enough. Medicare for all would be a million times better than what they're talking about now. Even a public option would be a vast improvement. But sadly both of those things are not on the table, thanks to the "negotiations" with the fearmongering cretins on the right. Republicans are all for passing tax cuts for the wealthy that cost 1.8 trillion dollars, but they're suddenly budget conscious over a bill that costs half that and actually cuts the deficit over the next decade, all while insuring more than 30 million Americans. Great priorities on the right. <br />
<br />
What a pathetic country.

Read the history of the National Socialists in Germany .. aka Nazi party... they promised a wonderful world to

Wow! I posted the link to funny or die around this time yesterday and the view count was less than 40,000 now its...wait, have to toggle back cause numbers stay in my head for about....well, never....wait....1,234,818! Its an epidemic! Its a movement! Barbar grow some and to hell with pro partisanship (sP?) ! (Love Dana Carvy! so funny!) (How many asides can one comment hold?)) (I don't know but I got ta go!)

Oh dear, it's one of the "Obama is like Hitler" crowd. Yes Ian, Obama's desire to get affordable healthcare coverage for 30 Million uninsured is the same as the Holocaust.... lol. <br />
<br />
There are PLENTY of VALID criticisms you can make of this President, but being Hitler isn't one of them. If you like I can give you lots of grown up reasons to disagree and criticize this president, so maybe you could one day graduate from the kids table and come sit with the adults. <br />
<br />
Reading is probably not your strong suit, so here's a short and sweet dismissal of your sad little talking point: <br />
<br />

Who needs facts when you can rely on completely unsupported assumptions? Like that Obama is a socialist?And you get double points for comparing him to Hitler. Good job, Ian.

You know Hitler was a socialist also... all hail the leader...who needs a constitution when we have a cult of personality

Good answer, Speechless.

Wow, what a cast! And Opie directing.<br />
I've been watching great stuff on that site for quite awhile now. Will Ferrell has cool friends.

This was great! I've already forwarded it to a few people. Thank you for sharing it.