Have You Ever Helped An Animal In Need?

Have you ever helped an animal in need?
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71 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Yes, on a regular basis. We have two dogs and two cats that were street rescues. Years back we found a bunny that someone had turned loose in our neighborhood, it was blind in one eye. We kept it for a few weeks until we found coworker that had bunnies and was willing to take it in.<br />
<br />
We also do volunteer wildlife rescues for a local organization. While it is rewarding, it can be sad, knowing that some animals we pick up are beyond help. We just do the best we can and know if it does have to be put down at least it's suffering will be over. It's great when you know they can be released and we have been able to turn some back ourselves.

Oh! my goodness yes many times,. :)

OH MY GOD i watched a stray cat get slammed by a SUV - died instantly. i got the guy i was with to bury it with flowers, i cried and made a speech... ive never done anything like that in my whole life

Yea I have! I saved 4 dogs, a bunny, a bird, 2 cats, a guinea pig, anda frog!

Yes, many times.

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Yes, I brought my dog back from Puerto Rico. She was a stray :)

Yes, I brought my dog back from Puerto Rico. She was a stray :)

Yes, our crew rescued a bird that had gotten into a waste tank container filled with oil field dredge. It was like being dipped in glue. We pulled it out and washed it with dish washing detergent. When it dried it flew away.

I am twice your age and have this. I have over 25 food allergies and more are being found all the time. I have followup endoscopy tomorrow and will have my esophagus dilated/enlarged. <br />
<br />
I haven't been able to lose weight no matter how sick I get or continually stopping more and more food. <br />
<br />
They have ruined our foods.

Yes and more than once. One time I coaxed a dog away from some kids that were bullying it.<br />
I bid on a horse to keep it from the meat man, brought it's weight up to normal and repaired its hoof in time before it went lame.<br />
I saved a cat after it had been hit by a car. The horse and cat became very good pets and lived a long and decent life.

Thousands of times throughout my life so far.

I help animals every day. I'm a veterinarian.

Yes. I saved a small cat from being put to sleep and adopted it.

Of course!! I've rescued numerous Pugs from kill shelters (and by the way, ALL shelters are kill shelters ~ just ask me and I'll explain if you don't already know) and placed them in homes through Adopt-A-Buddy Pug Rescue.


Yes, but almost always have regreted it, because then I find out why their owners did not work harder at keeping them pinned up. Some were real nut jobs.<br />
Also, living on a farm , we help them everyday.

YEA :O there was a cat that got hit by a car on the side of the road well lets just say now its name is survier and she is sitting next to me :)

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Yes; driving along a busy road, I saw a kingfisher lying in the middle of the road. I quickly pulled over to the shoulder and made my way to the bird. It had no apparent injuries, and was conscious, but unable to move. I drove home with him. When I took him out of the car, he began returning to himself. I saw some schoolchildren, so handed him over for their impromptu nature lesson. Soon enough he pecked one of them and flew off.


yes many times....

i actually donate to the animals shelter whoop whoop help out those who are in need

NO and I feel horrible for ir

When I was about 8 or 9 years of age I saved a baby bird from being eaten by another animal. It fell out of it's nest.

yah there was a bird laying in the street after a car hit him & ran over him

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Yes, I end up bringing them home.

yes, we adopted our dog from the Jacksonville humane society. He had been left at the vet's office after having his right leg amputated. The day we met he was on t.v. trying to get hinself adopted. An boy did he. I knew he had to be mine. A wiry messy looking mutt and nobody could say how old he was. We brought him home and loved him for 11 yrs. making any adaptaions to our life or home . He recently was diagnosed with cancer above his eye. He passed away 08/14/10 @10:45. Louie was such a brave littleboy. Thank you for giving us 11 yrs of laughing and loving. Papa and Mama Fussell will never forget you!

I used to foster puppies for the animal centre where I used to live... last year we found homes for 7 kittens found by a railway track... All went to good checked homes.

yes..many times..once..i saw a crow.poor thing had only one leg .i threw some rice to it..afterwards it came to me when i was seen feeding my daughter..i used to give food.it hesitantly came near me..after some weeks i heard many crows crowing i went out to see.the one legged crow was injured it had it's wings spread with a pleading look..my heart went for it..some cats were there with greedy looks.i took the crow..covere it in a clothe and went to our workshed..i gave it some cooked rice..it didn't eat..i gave some drops of water.in it,s beak.it drank.then i left it there in a basket..for the night..the next morning i saw it dead in our yard..i cried.poor thing could not survive.

Yes. I have been close to cats. Many of them have been pets in my home. Now I do not have any. But this happened many years (20+) before. Our cat was playing and then walking in front of my house. It is a noisy place, near a road. A street dog saw it walking and started stalking - the dog was near me, but my cat did not see it. It was facing off. I did not know how to warn my pet cat, but as I usually call it, I called after it "Puss......Puss". It turned to look at me and in the process looked at the dog stalking it and made for a higher point, thereby escaping from the danger. That is one of the times I have been close to my pet.

I've helped many animals in need. I've been actively involved in dog rescue from puppy mills for over 10-years now.

ive buried a dead bird

Yes, it's in my nature, my family even calls me St. Francis




I help my dog daily.

Yes! I love helping animals.

yes, i've help dogs, taking them out of the streets and giving then homes, in mexico there alotta cats n' dogs on the streets:(

yes, my grandpa saved a bird that had a broken wing with my help. I've adopted strays, and I saved a raccoon that had fallen into a grease bin behind a restaurant before it could drown.

i was midwife to my dog 2 days ago. got my hands covered in amniotic fluid and snapped at as 3 of the pups were breach and she had 8 massive pups. and im takin her to vets tomorrow for check over

yea, i helped a baby bird get clean after it landed in the water somehow

yes while as psychiatric hospital i rescued some kind of bird that had an injured wing, i took it to the reception desk and insisted they put it in a box with some small holes a blanket and some water and ring the RSPCB

yes while as psychiatric hospital i rescued some kind of bird that had an injured wing, i took it to the reception desk and insisted they put it in a box with some small holes a blanket and some water and ring the RSPCB

Yes; A Hedgehog...?<br />
While driving into work early one sunny morning, I saw a white perspex cup running across the road; and bumping into the curb, and then back again, in front of me? As I got closer, it turned out to be a Hedgehog with his head stuck inside the coffee cup.<br />
<br />
I stopped & promptly removed the used coffee cup from his head, he looked around as if to say, <br />
You Took Your Time...!!! he then gained his composure, and ran off into the undergrowth.

if you haven't then you are a crule indiviual, if you were never put in a situation like that then you are lucky.

Yes, throughout my whole life. Whenever i can, I do.

Many, many times. I'm an animal lover.

Yes.<br />
I had a feeling to take a way home I usually would not . & there she was being attacked by 5 other homeless dogs.........big dogs. I ran them off with a lariat and a 3'' spiked heel. <br />
Two years later the dog, Maggie, warned me someone was trying to break in to the house.

My cat that I got from a shelter had a habit of raiding someones zebra finch cage and bringing them home as a gift. 7 in all! I rescued one and it lived so I got a bird cage and kept it as a pet. I got it a mate as they should not be kept alon and loved those birdies to bits, I would never go out of my way to keep a bird in a cage as a pet, but so glad I had the opportunity to save it's precious life.


Yes rescued a bird that was being attacked by a cat. It was hurt So I took it too the humain society.

Once when I was around 8 years old my mother and I found a duck with a broken wing. We made a friend craft a splint, and she lived in a box in our kitchen for a week - we fed her bugs and stuff I think. I named her Ducky-Plucky-Sue? <br />
<br />
It is a strange and fuzzy memory, we eventually took her back to the beach we found her at...

Yes, I have saved 3 horses and 2 cats. The horses I found a good home for with lots of love-the cats I still have.<br />
Hats off to 'CatGenie' I never have to clean a litter box :]

Another time I was visiting my girlfriend at her sister's house and saw her nephew with this baby turtle that he had in a mayonnaise jar that was half full of water and McDonald's fries on top. So I asked if I could see it and then have it. I think I gave the kid like a dollar or something and took im home. At the time my house was too cold for him, so once again Mom and dad became my animal shelter. They kept him until he grew and it became obvious he was a snapping turtle. When he would no monger stay in his terrarium they took him to this quiet little cemetery with a pond. They check on him often and say he is doing well and was making a little family of his own.

Yes. A guy I used to hang out with had this dog and the person would beat the living crap out of the dog anytime he got mad. I am talking fists, boots, you name it. I believe the dog is brain damaged from the beatings. So one day I saw him doing this and I just shook my head, walked up and shoved him away and put the dog's leash on him and started walking out of his apartment. When I was asked what I was doing I simply replied I'm taking him with me. The guy looked at me a few moments and just answered that he would go get the dog food for me. That was nine years ago and Buddy is happy as can be with my parents where he is well cared for.

Yes. Today I removed a butterfly from our pool because it was drowning.

Of course, I help all I come across that are in need. If I cant help them I try to find them a home.

A few years ago, my neighbors were mistreating their old house cat. They kicked him out and wouldn't let him back inside, although he wanted to. He was outside in awful weather and other animals ate the food that they left out for him. I got in touch with the ASPCA, and they were very willing to send an officer to investigate and list me as anomonous. In the end though, we took the cat inside our home(despite allergy issues) and his former owners didn't notice or didn't care. I contacted the ASPCA again and spoke with a very helpful officer who was glad to help me with the situation and was very supportive.......Anto815

A month ago, I reported someone for neglect and I was treated like a trouble maker by animal control and the police. The dog eventually escaped and rescued himself..........Anto815


Of course. Last weekend I saw a snapping turtle crossing the road in an area where he could easily be hit. I stopped the car and was able to grab the back of the shell and maneuver them off the road, on the side where there was a pond about 20 feet away. He was about 18 inches in length, so he could have done some damage had his jaws been able to reach to the back of his shell. Fortunately for both of us, they could not.

Yes, once I saw a sick kitten cross the highway, so sick it could hardly walk. So I stop and picked it up took it to the vet told them the story that it wasn't my kitten. Then asked them to call me to let me know if it lived because i would consider keeping it. I didn't here from them for 6 months when they call for me to me pay the vet bill. When i ask if the kitten lived they could not tell me. I told them no kitten no payment. they harassed for a year. I finally told them to take me to court. I haven't heard from them since.