Family Literacy Strengthens Families And Communities

I've always loved reading and read to my own kids from birth. I believe our family's high level of literacy has created a deal to our success. I grew up in what is now an "inner-city". I'm now a successful professional with 2 kids in college and one on the way. I've always given of my time and talen in some way, but recently have looking for ways to get "more bang for the buck". . .how to "teach people how to fish, in addition to giving them

 I recently began volunteering with Read Aloud Virginia (RAV), a non-profit organization that promotes family literacy for under-served families as a means to achieve educational, social and economic success. We are competing for a Walmart Foundation Virginia State Grant. Walmart Associates in Virginia will decide who  receives the grant. This grant would help us put lots more NEW books in the hands of families and allow us to travel more with our bookmobile and to conduct more reading workshops. We are competing against worthy organizations with deep pockets and could really use the votes. Recently, we’ve held events at several inner-city and rural schools and day camps. Check us out at
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Jul 9, 2010