Ron Paul Next Fall

Lately I dropped back in on politics.   Read topics on Ron Paul.  I believe that the majority of people want a government that goes by the constitution.  I think if the public was more informed about the truth of whats going on with our government Ron Paul is the best choice the next election. 
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3 Responses Jun 2, 2007

This was a simple honest beautiful statement that sums things up well.

When an elected official is elected to a high office and is required to swears an oath to uphold the constitution I feel like he has a duty to do what he swore to do. I only know one person who has done that and I can only imagine the pressures He has to endure from his piers because he will not give in. A man like that deserves everyones respect even if they don't share his views.

What do you like best about him as a person and about his policy?<br />