Turning The Other Cheek

Turning the other cheek >
> Ghandi provided a contemporary example for Martin Luther
> King,Jr. when King was looking around for a model of
> nonviolence. King had heard about Jesus since he was a
> child and so the philosophy of jesus was real to
> him. He knew that Jesus practiced
> nonviolence and he was encourage in reading about Ghandi to
> see that when the principles, when put into practice, could
> change a nation.
> He had a hard time convincing the people in the
> Civil Rights Movement that "turning the other cheek would
> work. His efforts and the courage of countless other
> proved convincingly that what Jesus had taught was true.
> Christ gave his spiritual advise, which
> our human nature has a hard time accepting. "But, I
> say unto you, which hear,Love your enemies, do good to them
> which hate you, Bless them who curse you, pray for them who
> despitefully use you. And unto him that smiteth thee on the
> cheek offer also the other....(Luke 6:27,28.)

Dove in the Bush

I found a dead dove on the sidewalk in front of my house. I picked it up to carry it to the dumpster and I took a closer look and discovered that it had retained, even in death, the natural elegance of nature. under the body side of his wings were small fine white fluffy feathers. She was soft grey, a mourning dove. I had enjoyed its peaceful calls this summer.
The hard sidewalk didn't seem to be the place for this creation of God and Nature to be uncared for so I carried it to a bush and place it deep inside its branches where it could go back to nature gently.
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Because many of them need freinds and they don't trust humans.

Birds are so beautiful in life and in death. I don't understand why humans can keep them in cages.