The Save Africa Project: Guide Me, Walk Beside Me

You think your done then a choir sings,In The Potter's Hand. My mind went to our young people in Africa. Take me, Mold me, Use me, Fill me, Call me, Guide me, Lead me, Walk beside me. I Give My  Life to the Potters Hand. I know for sure all my day's are held in your hand's, crafted into your perfect plan. Jeremiah (1:5) Before I formed you, I knew you. If that doesn't send chills up your spine, check your pulse . Yes, the Lord had a purpose and a plan for the young people in Africa. (Take me), Yes I'm willing.( Mold me), shape me Lord into an instrument of your will. (Use me), where ever you need me I am willing. (Call me), thank you for calling me to this task. (Guide me), we are for ever dependent on you to guide us, thank you for that. (Lead me), always to follow your will,when maybe I have other plan's.( Walk beside me), I need you to be beside me always, and correct me when I wonder. This is The Save Africa Project, what they are doing touches more people than you can imagine, touched me. Being part of The Save Africa Project changes everyone's life. Because, they share the truth. Without the truth you are in limbo, with it your ready to go. Were these young people ready to go? Or did I miss something? The Potters Hand, shaped them and molded them for a purpose.   If you want something to change your life, and you've been thinking, yeah, I really need to. Join The Save Africa Project, help them, be a part of what they do. You will be welcomed! They were willing to change their lives and decided to put their lives into The Potter's Hand's. You can too.  Please join them and become part of what they do. BADALA: P.O. BOX 3164 LISLE, IL. 60532      joelleinafricatumblr. joelleinafricafacebook  Thank you, for your support. Let us here from you. God Bless You!      Google THE POTTER'S HAND, and listen to Darlene Zschech sing this. You'll be glad you did. THE SAVE AFRICA PROJECT:(FINDING A PURPOSE OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES BY HELPING OTHER'S HELP THEMSELVES) !!!   JOIN US! ( Yes, our God is an awesome God! ) @BADALAbySAP       joelleinafrica
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Aug 16, 2011