Question for you man.  I understand The Save Africa Project/ Badala when you speak of the love they have, and the will and dedication they show. No one would argue this is not an easy gig. But my question is how do you get there? Is there something that changes, that you want to do this? Great question, I almost feel like Simeon in the Bible when he said, " I can die content now Lord" that you would ask that question. Remember many stories ago, when Joelle said, " There are more important things in life than self"  and I spoke to that was a crossing the Rubicon moment? Let me explain in layman's terms. Say you have a neighbor that has a garage, but the car he owns is always on the outside.  One day you walk by and the door to the garage is open, and you look to see no wonder the car is outside the garage is full of clutter,  That's us!! God can't get inside because we are full of clutter Joelle made that discovery and decided to get rid of the clutter so God could work in her life and every wonderful young person who joined in that. That's cool man!! Brooke Fraser wrote the song, ' Lead me to the Cross' Rid Me Of Myself, I Belong To You!!  Badala takes that message wherever they go. That's all God asked, Will you make room for me so I can become part of your life?  Badala lives that my friend!!!  I know they bless the people in Africa, but they bless me too. Will you become a new you? A useable you for God's work.   We ask God to help us and move forward. Easy? No!!  But the clutter out of the way and our trust in him we will make it!!  So you ask me how does Badala do it? They got the clutter out of the way and are an example for everyone as to what God can do in your life!!  Joelle said, " We teach them how to fish, not just give them a fish" everyone wants to make it on their own, pull themselves up.  Badala/ Scholar provides that!!  I ask everyone if you can help them in their efforts, Please Do!! Prayer #1 They are heading back to Africa August 2012. Joelle has finished her studies and this has become full time. Let me stop there.Started in High School,Kenya at 19 plus finishing college, trying to raise money for Badala and yourself so you can do what God asked you to do?  Evidence what God can do if you get the clutter  out of you life!!    Please check out Badala and Scholar ( Yes, these are the same folks of The Save Africa Project) Badala, which means,( Instead in Swahili is most appropriate. Hope and a new life, Instead!! ) Contact Joelle let her hear from you. If you can help in any way, Please do and God bless you and thank you!!  Check out the cool item's the Ladies in Africa create for sale, Example: Cool colorful Braclet's $10.00- $12.00+ $3.00 S/H. Means alot to them in helping their families, and a great way for all of us to show we care!!! They soooo much appreciate the Love, Care, and Support.  God Bless and thank you!!!  badalafacebook    Office: Badala, P.O. BOX 3164 LISLE, IL. 60532  New Address, same wonderful group, Living The Great Commission, Be a Part Also: Join Badala!!! Today!!! Check Out: Lead Me To The Cross  The News Boys 
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May 16, 2012