Badala: Lasting Change

I was listening to a story I've heard in variations before,never sitting next to the person telling it. This was a respected tenured Professor from our local University. He was speaking about having everything a man could want. Wife,children, home,cars, adulation from his peers. "Why do I need God?" Many were nodding their heads, why indeed? Yet he continued,tears forming in his eye's, "something was missing" he said. After searching he discovered,I needed Christ in my life,and I haven't looked back. A University Professor is not supposed to speak this way? It reminded me of the (Simply Grateful group), to a person,Christ was the foundation to the success they had achieved in their hearts. "We would not have had the foundation to face the many struggles without the Holy Spirit within us. Christ said," I will send you a helper." It does not matter if you are living in abject poverty or your on top of the world (I remember that being said once, then they hit an iceberg) Badala understands this. Like building a house, it can be finest ever built. Without a foundation it will collapse!! Direction without doubt. Why do I appreciate Badala? Like the Master Builder they serve, the right foundation is necessary. Badala,Scholar. These programs are vitally important!! Joelle has said to me, because of funding she must pray for the students who will join Scholar. Why do I feel comfortable with Badala? No matter what is going on, it's prayer first!!! Please help if you can! If you can purchase a bracelet, please pray about it. Or if you can help Scholar,please pray about it!! Support Badala which supports all of this and help Joelle continue this important work, please pray and consider doing so. Let's help everyone who has worked hard and just wants a chance at better life,and are willing to achieve for it. Let no one be left behind!!! God Bless you and Thank You!! Please keep Badala in Prayer!! Let us hear from you and we shall pray for you!!! Lots of neat item's to help this cause: Made In Africa!! Badala: P.O. BOX 3164 LISLE, IL. 60532  New Address, Same Wonderful Group  Listen to The News Boys : You Are My King (Amazing Love)   CHECK OUT THE STORE FOR ITEM'S THAT HELP SUPPORT THIS WORTHY CAUSE!!! GO TO BADALA.ORG   "  EXPERIENCE  BADALA "  Click On Badala: Offering Alternatives For People In Poverty To See Additional Item's To Support These Wonderful People That Greatly Need Your Help!! " Really Must See Cool Stuff "   Check 'M Out!!!  Thanks Again!
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Jul 18, 2012