Life Happens? EAST TO WEST

To answer, Life Happen's While your making plan's 46 some-odd years ago John Lennon made a statement, " The Beatles were more popular than Jesus." Did not go over well with alot of people. There were mass Beatle record burnings and the like and let's hate the Beatles. What was loss to many he did apologize for making the statement. 46 year's later I doubt many would apologize.  Jesus said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone."(John8) Mitsuo Fuchida, who? I doubt many have any idea who this is? Yet, If I were to say, " Tora, Tora, Tora, yeah I've heard that before. Navy Commander Pilot Mitsuo Fuchida said those words as he lead the attack on Pearl Harbor. Yet Mitsuo Fuchida in later life asked for forgiveness and gave his life to Jesus. Corrie ten Boom,( I use many of her quote's ) was in Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in World War II. By a clerical mistake she was released and got away, as the Nazi's tried to find her. But her sister Betsy died and she had distain for these people, yet she trusted Christ. Yet many year's later after she had given a talk to a crowd about forgiveness she shook hand's with those who came to listen to her story. While shaking hand's she looked to about the third or fourth person back and their stood an SS guard she remembered. God will put you to the test. She re-coiled her hand, " I could not shake his hand!" But she began to understand what God was trying to teach her and she did speak to this SS guard who wanted forgiveness. Life Happen's while were making plan's? Christ Happen's while were making plan's? Simon Peter was a Fisherman,Quick Tongue, Matthew was a hated tax collecter, Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and had a lot of courage. Luke was the beloved Physician, Paul at one time hated Christians and put them to death, King David commited adultry, yet God called him " A man after his own heart."(1 Samuel 13:14) I could go on. Yes, Jesus does come into our hearts while we're making plan's,if we let him. These people were all doing other thing's when Christ came into their lives. John Lennon was right about one thing, is there anything we put in our lives before the one who gave us life? Think about it! Seek First The Kingdom Of God!!!( Matthew 6:33)   God Can Forgive Anybody? God also said, " As far as your sin's are from the East to the West, I will remember them no more"! Psalm 103:12  What more can be said?   Give Jesus a chance!     East to West   Casting Crowns  4:35
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Dec 4, 2012