Life Happens: And He Will See You Through

Many years ago I remember being at my Great-grandmothers home and being pre-teen nosy I would look through thing's. I remember opening up a roll-up top desk people dream of owning this day in time, and saw a flag or banner. It was burgundy in color and had tassel's and 4-stars sewn into it. I asked her what it was for? She said, " It was hung in my window during the war for Frank,Eugene, Lloyd, and Edwin." Her four son's in the Pacific during World War II. All in the Navy. Lloyd was a pilot. Lloyd after the war lived in San Diego so it was years before I met him. When I first met him he was in a wheelchair and could not speak. His big smile was infectious and puffing on his pipe he waved me over and gave me a big hug. My Grandmother, his Sister said, "He can hear you and would write on a pad to reply to you." His plane had crashed and since the early forties he had been this way. Never,ever saw him when he did not have a grin on his face. Many years later almost into the seventies my Grandmother's Sister invited us over, Lloyd was here to visit. As we walked in we saw Lloyd and Vera, my Grandmother asked me, " What is different about Lloyd?" I replied, " He's not in his wheel chair." Still could not speak but did let out a laugh. He had asked the Lord to heal him. Not wanting to ask too much, If I could just walk that would be O.K. Mr. Fisher a friend and Marine was very bitter about the war, and it was hard not to say, rightly so. He had a withered right-arm that had been beaten with a rifle butt. Except for the arm he could walk and talk. Lloyd was crushed in his plane crash and many years of therapy. Yet, a lesson was taught. Bitterness and hate will consume you if you let it, no matter your situation. Puff on the pipe and that big smile said it all. Be angry, and sin not don't let the sun go down on your anger!!   EPHESIANS 4:26  HEALING RAIN MICHEAL W. SMITH 3:24
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Dec 5, 2012