Badala :I'll Awaken The Dawn

Morning has broken like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken like the first bird. Praise for the singing Praise for the morning,Praise for them springing Fresh from the word. Where have you heard that before? Cat Stevens sang that and it was a hit. I'll awaken the dawn  I will praise you, O Lord- Psalm 57: 8-9. That made me wonder about that song. It was written by a lady named Eleanor Farjeon (1881- 1965 ) found a Hymnal and there it was. Badala ( Instead ) Swahili. I will Awaken the dawn, We will awaken the dawn and praise you,O Lord. That is my thanks in my on way to Badala. The ladies and children each day awaken to a new dawn with gratitude and thanks in their heart. I can also awake to that same feeling also with gratitude and thanks that first of all the Lord led me to become part of Badala. When I first had contact with Joelle she explained to me she wanted to offer a program of education to children and a work ethic to adults that would incorporate a better life for all. Sounded like a tall order. Yet, it's working. Easy? No! Nothing worthwhile ever is! But it was placed upon my heart to do what I could. Prayer? I was always a pray on-the-fly person now I don't move out of my room until I pray first. Am I still some one who needs alot of work in my life, absolutely! And when Joelle said, " There are more more important thing's in life than self." That was a hallmark quote for us all. The connection I feel for people I've never met, in Africa and America shares with me a feeling we have in common, our love for the one that brought us together. I wanted in some way to express what Badala meant to me on a personal basis and there you have it. Badala important? No doubt!! But the thought's of lives getting up and seeing the dawn every morning of new hope and a chance at a better life works for me. " We will awaken the dawn and praise you, O Lord"   Morning Has Broken  Cat Stevens 3:17 or 3:29  (  Note: Eleanor Farjeon was an English  poet and author of Children's Books. Morning Has Broken was written as a song of Thanksgiving  based on Psalm 118)   Please Support Badala In  Changing Lives Of Those Who Want To Learn To Support Themselves. And Children Who Seek An Education To Make A Difference In Their Community And Nation. This Is The Most Worthy Effort I Have Been Involved In And Needs All Our HELP!!  No Gift Is Too Small. Helping Other's Help Themselves.  If You Can Help Please Consider Doing So.Badala .org Badala : P.O. Box 3164 Lisle. IL. 60532 
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Dec 12, 2012