BADALA: A Matter Of Faith And Trust and LIFE

Here is a message to assure Ebed-melech of a recompence of his great kindness to Jeremiah. Because you have put trust in me, says the Lord. God recompences men or women's service according to their principles,those who trust God,as this good man did,that their hope will not fail. Jeremiah 39:15-18. An African Mother and her children rise every morning with that same Trust And Faith that this African man showed centuries ago. It's called as Dr. King said, Content of Character. It will always take that one person or group of person's to take on that challenge. Badala is determined that hope will not fail in this endevor. Help is needed, Prayer and Support. Ebed-melech took a chance with his life to do what's right,because he knew it was right. Badala is determined to do no less. These wonderful people in Africa who have known nothing but hardship and abuse and a way of life they want to change and create a life they can be proud of by making a life for themselves with the training Badala provides. Please stand with Badala in this effort!
landisfreeman landisfreeman
Jan 11, 2013