The Playbook Of Life

Recently I heard Jared Allen,NFL Defensive End say, " The Bible is the Playbook of life." Every NFL team has a playbook the player's must read and grasp. To understand and grasp life, it's a book you need to read(The Bible). Little Niece asked about the loss of a child or loved one. What can cover that? When I lost my Brother two years ago not two seconds passed till I thought about David when he lost his first child. Time does heal. David was a wreck, praying and not eating(fasting) over his child for it to live,it was not to be.(II Samuel 11) He was on the floor, a mess. He heard his servant's whispering, they were afraid to say anything. " Is the Child dead?" he asked. "The Child is dead." they replied. He got up, went to clean himself off, prayed to God, came back and started to eat. "The child has died and your eating?" his servant's asked." You eat like nothing has happened? What on earth is being said here? That's no comfort to anyone!! I agree, till you read verse 23. "I shall go to him, but he will not return to me." David said. That's comfort? David, not perfect , but God called him,"A Man After My Own Heart". David did not say, (I hope I will go to him), (Maybe I'll see him someday), (He's gone forever). This is a man who understood the playbook!! "I Shall Go To Him"!!! That's why it's soo important to trust Christ for everyone, so we can be together again. Christ is in the Old Testament? Everywhere!! Like Jared Allen said, "It's all in the Playbook." Open It!!!
landisfreeman landisfreeman
Jan 17, 2013