WHERE THE ROSES DON'T GROW: That was an off the cuff comment when Ben asked where you grew up. I told him don't go where the rose's don't grow( reffering to Windsor, where the rose's do grow). And yes, that opened up a line of discussion. Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Do things the right way; His way. Don't go where the roses don't grow? Don't go where you should not go. Don't do what you should not do. One thought to that is easy to miss? All of it starts in our minds and our hearts. If you let other's define you, when you should let God lead your path and guide you. He loves you and knows you best!! Until you come to that conclusion you will continue to lead a less happy and productive life. So, in your mind don't go where the rose's don't grow; so in your heart, don't go where the rose's don't grow! God who created you, is the One who defines you! And if you get off track,( and we all do) He is the One( when no one else will) is there with love waiting for us with open arms. Yeah, that's all of us. Be honest we all need some of that!! Go to Luke 15: 11-32( that's us!!!) Some say there is no forgiveness? Says Who? Peter ( Matthew 18 :21) said to Jesus, " Lord how often shall I forgive my brother's sin against me and I forgive him? Seven times?" Jesus said to him, I do not say to you seven times, but up to seventy times seven. And no; He did not mean at 491 you've had it!! He meant; you don't put a number on it! It's best to examine yourself on that one( I should not have to explain that for you and me) Corrie ten Boom taught God's word in a concentration camp;(against rules) she got away with it because the guards refused to enter the barracks because the barracks were infested with flea's. Watched her sister ( Betsy) and friends die) but she kept on keeping on!! Was released on a clerical error( who ever heard of that in a place like that?) Tried, but they never got her back!! That's God working!!! ( I want me some of that). Dr King had his eye on the prize. But the Grand Prize is A life with Christ and eternal life with Him!!! Ain't gonna let no rock out praise me; ain't gonna let it sing in my place!! ( Look Out !!! ) God bless you Ben! Be safe on your trip ( call me) Ain't gonna to let no rock flv. Ron Kenoly 5:35 ( HELP BADALA AND THE WONDERFUL WORK THAT THEY DO!! badala.org) Right on and thank you!!!! One last thing: Corrie ten Boom said, " If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes." ( She lived that!) Ron Kenoly: For The Lord Is Good 6:18 God Bless!!!
landisfreeman landisfreeman
Aug 19, 2014