THE PRIZE: When a nation or people thought they could sleep with the enemy and it would work out, think again! Ben called me from New Orleans and thanked me for the Dr. King story. 306 was the Lorraine motel number where he was that day when James Earl Ray made his decision to end the life of a man who if given the chance would have helped him, and yes loved him. Nobody gets that. There comes a time in everyone's life you need to realize, no one has the right to define you. Tell you, you're this or that, they have issues not you! Now if you're doing something wrong, that's another story. Ben went on to say, Dr. King understood what the prize really was. Yes to be respected, have character instead of being one. Hate only creates more hate. I asked you to show that clip(306) at the end because we already been through that kind of stuff. And the enemy wants to start it up again, we don't need that. I want young people to see, it's nothing new what your doing. Solomon learned that, " There is nothing new under the sun. You go to school to get an education not to protest!! I tell you one thing students from other places are going to eat your lunch, and you got noth'in. Talk it! Talk it! Dr. King wanted the best for his children and all children, race did not matter. Put yourself in a position, " I am somebody and I have proved that. If you have studied and worked hard it will happen. But if you regress into non-sense you'll wind up no-where! The Lord said, " Pray for those that persecute you." "Rich is your reward." I remember Luis at the beach that night when he said, " Aaah, man, this is messed-up." We all looked at him and wondered what's this about? ??? Naw, I was dreaming one night, one of those real- type dreams, where I died and found out what all the churchy- type people had said was true, and it was too late. Scared me, man!! The Lord said like, " I don't know who you are, man?" " This is messed-up, then I woke up. I was soo scared I could say some things, but it wouldn't come out right, you know, man. Yeah we know. (laughter). Luis was right man! I know!! Dr. King said, I might not get there with you, but I"ve been to the mountain top, I've seen the promised land! ( That's the real prize!!!) Remember David said, " You have searched me and know me." Psalm 139:1 Come back to scripture!! If I may add, Dr. King and so many other's, this is for you from Paul: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith!! 2 Timothy 4:7. Thank you my friend!!!! Tye Tribbet- He Turned It (live) God Bless!!! (Ben added one last thing, Respect The Man!!! ( Dr. King) I know you love Tye Tribbet, ha!!) ( Move On From Foolishness!! A-Men Brother Ben!!)
landisfreeman landisfreeman
Apr 12, 2016