Self Determination Should Be a Universal Human Right.

Why is it that so many Western governments and NGOs feel the necessity to educate the “developing World” on what constitutes a human right? These people know what a human right is. They are not ignorant. And yet, so many of the aid programs funded by the West involve little – if any -intrinsic participation of the ‘beneficiaries’ in identifying the nature of the ‘problem’ and the methods for its amelioration. Indigenous peoples have the right to determine their futures, protect and nurture their cultural treasures, and implement development programmes based on their collective aspirations. Such development must allow access to both capital and land. And yet, where land has been confiscated/stolen, governments are reluctant or worse, totally dismissive, of repatriation. Where governments have extended apologies for previous abuses, such apologies must never be hollow. In acknowledging historical grievances, governments must not dictate or “own” the policies of redress and economic and social development of the affected communities.
kohiti kohiti
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

A lot of indigenous peoples do not want to "develop" their lands at all, nor even "own" it. Most western NGOs fail to accept this, and see "development" as the route to prosperity and the end to poverty.

I support RAP DPICM fire missions on anyone who would say its not a womans place to be educated or that no man shall shave his face.