What Does Freedom Mean To You?

What does freedom mean to you?
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nobody holding you back


freedoms is the ablity to choose. this is what want, this is how i want, when i want, if i want. one might say that too much freedom is not good and that is a different agrument all ogether. but i am free when i can make my own choices. www.myantidepressant.net

Freedom is everything. At the same time consequences sometimes suck.

Freedom means that you have no guilt or anything that is holding you back and expressing your feelings freely and be free from your problem.

Freedom, to me, means to ability to make choices on your own without the restrictions of other peoples opinions.

Being able to say what I want without censorship.

Full self ex<x>pression!

freedom is a thing that you can't "exactly" feel

The chance to do, what you think that it is right without following rules instead of your own. I think that's freedom.<br />
But to run this, you have to be tolerant to lead everybody to be tolerant, I think.

Not fearing your government and having the right to believe and be yourself openly.

Freedom means to me that as an individual you've done the "inner work",or continue to do the inner work necessary to grow,change,expand to become the most authentic,honest person,your true self,that you can be on this earth.This is of course a lifelong journey with many obstacles,whether psychological,spiritual(a brainwashing religion),your childhood (healing the wounds or abuse) possibly your marriage,your relationships with your siblings,ect,ect.<br />
Becoming & to keep "plugging away" at being the best you can be on a day to day basis is what is freedom. Also, at the same time being a humanitarian & doing your part enviromentally & caring about humanity by volunteering is part of this "expanding" process.

To choose my own path and be able to make mistakes.

To choose my own path and be able to make mistakes.

Freedom is the partner of democracy. Freedom allows me to research options, select choices, and make informed decisions. Very few countries offer this. I like living in a multiple choice country.

Hi....Freedom means.....Responsiblity that should be linked to Freedom. Freedom of speech, Freedom of Speech. Freedom to have assembly. Freedom to decide your own destiny.....I also answered the question, Please check it out.....Anto815

Freedom to me means to be free to express your own thoughts to be free to act in what you consider is best for you to chose your own goals and dreams.Freedom to choose what you want to do with your life. But it also means respecting others boundries to go on through life without harming others. Freedom of speech without being nasty. freedom of life without stepping on others.Free of dreams and goals without being selish....Anto815

it's being with yourself and you can do anything you want to do without someone controlling you.

freedom is loving your country, having a choice of whom you love and enjoy what you and friends can talk about and freedom of religion of choice

Linux. Just it.


Freedom for me is when you can do anything you want to do, when you can say freely anything you want to say. And just simply feeling free for everything anything else in this world.

freedom to me means when i have renunciated all my relationships and desires of this world so as not to manipulated by the same and until and unless there is no real freedom

it means help your self and having the best time of your life.

To decide for myself - not have my government decide. I would prefer to have less nanny state. The real threat is not terrorism but comes from social control of the media by corporations -- especially insurance companies -- trying to sell us things and put everybody on medication so they can make a profit. <br />
<br />
Nightmares are now considered a mental disorder and will be in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. That thing is a worse threat than terrorism, or **** Cheney. Behind it all are the insurance companies, always out to make more $.<br />
<br />
If Obama's health care plan had been passed it would have broken some of the insurance companies' power over us. Some doctors are in cahoots and some are not -- so be careful whom you choose to trust with your own health or your kids'.

It means my life isnt refined and defined by someone else. It means I am the one driving me forward. Learning from my mistakes and accepting help but not ever letting someone drive, and take over.

freedom to means that you should be able to do what ever you want except for killing and that there shouldn't be a drinking age well except if you are 17 on down and that you should be free to say what ever is on your mind and not get into trouble with it

freedom means to me that we as the world can do any thing we want & it doesn't matter how either

Being able to think, say, believe what I choose and not be persecuted for it.