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My older sister started working at a veterinary clinic when I was 15 or 16, ****** memory, and at least once a week she would come home with horror stories of what people have done to their pets, the worst of these stories being what people have done about their pets' unwanted offspring. A person would bring a box of kittens to the clinic and ask to put them all down "humanely".

I can't say how many animals were taken to our old house and bottle-fed by our family until they were old enough to eat solids and be adopted. As adorable as it was to take care of them, we still had school and work to worry about. Those things would wake up at the unholiest of hours every god damn day. Unfortunately the people who don't care enough about their pets to pay for sterilisations are going to be the ones left to deal with newborn litters.

If you're going to own an animal and let it roam around, mating with its friends...It doesn't make you a bad person to get their balls cut off. Professionally anyway.

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I'm sorry you had to do that...Can't imagine what that would have been like.

Amen to that. I worked in an animal shelter and had the job of choosing which animals were put to sleep because of adoptability. i hated it so I eventually quit.