Under Appreciated And Unsung

First off, I'm not a teacher.

But I recognize that these are the souls that find themselves in places that smell like sandwiches, staring back into the small faces of the people that will one day decide the direction of the world. People that haven't yet realized the power of Bach, the wit of Shakespeare, or the grandeur of Michelangelo. They have yet to learn that the voice of one can rock nations, either to draw together, or to destroy.

But for now, for now they will be content with learning their ABC's. To learning 2+2=4. And you know something? Some of the most valuable lessons they will ever learn will be taught in that tiny school room. Be kind to your neighbor. Speak with respect. Say sorry when you hurt somebody...

Because of the patience of these men and women. These who look down at small faces and see more than runny noses and gaped teeth, but the incandescent glowing promise of something bigger than themselves; standing proud that they played a part (Often much larger than they realize) in helping young men and women begin to think for themselves, to develop and express ideas, to move forward as assets to society.

These are the unsung heroes of the intellectual warfare we wage. The silent generals, earnestly directing young soldiers toward the valley of decision, preparing them as best as possible, and just hoping they did enough.

One day I will be one of you.

Until then, thank you.

For masterful questions, and heartfelt lectures, thank you.

For everything you put up with: us, namely. Thank you.

For being there. Thank you.
SlimPikkens SlimPikkens
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012