When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
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I wanted to be a pilot with hopes to be a space shuttle pilot. Then it was an ER doctor then Veterinarian. Instead I ended up being a programmer

A wolf, a farmer, than a vet, than a geologist. In that order!<br />
Now I collect rocks on my hikes, volunteer at the Wildlife Sanctuary feeding wolves and cougars and have lots of pets!<br />
No Joke! LOL

Astromoner! and I still want to be!

A dolphin trainer.

I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer....!!! after watching the cartoon--Swat Katz...I jus wanted to do this..!!

I wanted to own a Brazilian bikini wax salon.

Happy and content

I wanted to be involved with the music industry, and I was for a long time.

a cartoonist... comicbook artist..

a fire truck

Singer or manage a resort a the beach. :)

Doctor, criminologist & lastly a comic artist. <br />
<br />
2 strikes out, now heading to the third option :D

a layrwer or a doctor

I wanted to be a nurse because I liked the white outfits they're always wearing in cartoons and stuff... then I realized they had to deal with blood and things so I didn't want to anymore. After that it was an author/mom. Then an actress. Then a fashion designer. Then a comedian.

At first I wanted to be a teacher, then a medical assistant, but finally I changed my mind to a Nurse.<br />
I Hope to one day become one, I work hard each day to reach my dream...hopefully it doesn't end up just a wish.

i wanted to be a CORRUPT official! :) for money , power , drugs , *****. and Balls .

Oh boy.. From when I could talk and up, I wanted to be a singer/actress. =]<br />

a marathon runner :)

I wanted to be an Avon lady and smoke Salem cigarettes. lol This was when I was about 4, I think.

I wanted to be a scientist. (^_^)

Florist, give rose to everyone and make them smile.

An astronaut :D

I wanted to be a dentist. .. because many people compliment my teeth. . but now Im an CPA. . .=)

loved, accepted for whom i am..... and not hungry. everything else was a bonus! <br />
<br />
with respect from robbie

A writer and a singer.

I always wanted to be in law enforcement and more specifically the FBI, having now done federal law enforcement for the past 5 years, I never want to do this again. Too much beaurocracy and redtape not to mention half of the crap we dealt with was retarded. I always felt bad interogating someone because they never knew how badly they were ******. I will never do this again. Time to start over and find something new that I can be proud of, **** police and the law.

spiderman and astronaut :D

First a teacher, then a doctor, then veterinarian, and now I'm back to teacher.