Of Course I Want To See An End To Hunger In Our Time

but I am wary of charities,I have been duped before-just because I want to be compassionate and caring doesn't mean I'm ready to put any more effort into actionless sloganeering or sending funds to some bearocratic hierarchy.We need to adress the root causes of worldwide hunger and support community empowerment and education on a grassroots level,everywhere-beginning in our own backyards...untill I learn more about this organisation and their agenda,I'll not be joining this or even sending a little EP heart,sorry-too busy clearing invasive brush to enlarge our free community garden.

are you guys doing that?are you sending seeds,solar water pumps?I'd like to know...

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please help me or send that link to people you know will help

My main concern is for little children. I have a child that I sponsor in India through World Vision. When I can, I also give to Feed the Children. Anything affecting children, whether it be hunger, neglect or abuse breaks my heart.

very inspiring,JasmineFDFe-exactly the sort of healthy response I was fishing for...I participate in several volunteer organisations and know well the worldly temptations and beaurocratic realities entailed therein-but still carry the hope that I can and will make a difference.<br />
Since no-one involved with this hunger fund has bothered to comment,I will go ahead and do my own research(sigh) and draw my own conclusions...<br />
I still maintain that access to clean running water should be a high priority to groups like this-unless they are merely sloganeering or slapping bandaids on humanity's gaping wounds.<br />
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'till all are fed we will remain hungry as a people.

I agree with you too, dubkebab. It's not an easy task to understand what the charity does and what it is that they are accomplishing. I happen to do tax work for non-profits so I know a little bit more about governance and financial integrity. When you check out a charity, it's actually quite easy to find two things: their 990 exempt tax return (required filing for all U.S. non-profits) and a financial audit or review. Sometimes the charities conduct a peer review or are reviewed by a watchdog organization. Charity Navigator and Guide Star.org are two places where you can find all thiis information, since it is all public!<br />
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I hope these are good resources for everyone to refer to!<br />
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I agree dubkebab. I applaud your living style and stance, 'self sustaining' is much more productive than 'dependent', which only feeds the global hunger machine we are supposed to be fighting. Mass produced food is not good, local food is.<br />
I hearted it, I guess? I came here to see what tis was.<br />
Local charities are my choice, like, the guy on the corner. He's a veteran. I give whatever I can to people I can see.