I Love Them

i love gay guys they are really funny again i love them but some people dont they think its disgusting and i think those people need to mind their own damn  business i know a guy thats gay and a girl that a lesbian the gay guy's name is carlos he has a boyfriend name ricardo i like them both alot they are all about fashion and carlos is not afraid to speak his mind if something looks bad on you he will say "honey please tell me your buying that so you can clean something with it" and if he and ricardo kiss in public people will give them looks and start whispering me im a shy girl when it comes to people but on the internet im not so shy i wanted to say something but im not a people person but my ex-bff darla wasn't as shy as me people started whispering she would yell "yes they are kissing mind your f**cking business and quit all that whispering how would you like it if people started to talk about you" thats why i love her she's bisexual and im completely on board with gay marrige i love those i've gone to one to times i love gays lesbos and bisexuals
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18-21, F
Sep 22, 2012