The War On Drugs Is A Failure

I don't just support the legalization of Marijuana, I support ending the pathetic running failure we call the war on Drugs. Prohibition didn't work, we saw the same spike in crime and violence during the prohibition as we have and still do during this war on drugs. It goes by the basic laws of supply and demand, as long as the demand exists those willing to supply it will, the higher the risk involved the higher the cost, and the crazier the people supplying it will be to keep that supply running. Drugs harm those using it, so how does it logically follow that we should create a niche for violent criminals who just as often harm non users as they do users. Instead of Legislation we should funnel the money into rehabilitation for addicts, and funds for safe and sane use for those who do not wish to quit. It would be much cheaper then incarcerating  users and protecting the people from the crime that our laws have created. 


I do not use drugs (well with exception of smoking legal carcinogens) and rarely, like once or twice a year, drink. I wouldn't if they were legal, which is obvious given my use of actual mind altering substances, because honestly I don't count nicotine it has no affect on me other then when I try to kick this annoying habit. 

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I do not see any way to get rid of the demand for harder drugs, other then making drugs more available and less taboo and appealing, the more lenient the drug laws the less hard drug abusers, the statistics on drug abuse in the US compared to that of Amsterdam in regards to drug abuse are astounding, the difference is the matter in which they handle it, all though I do disagree with the ban on hard drugs, I approve of how they handle abuse with rehabilitation vs incarceration. The education in our Country is actually making the problem worse, I know, back when I was doing drugs as a youth, I did it because of the Just say no approach, and the propaganda used in Education, I tried many hard drugs because of the miss information spread about the soft ones. Crimes of self victimization aren't a matter for imprisonment, they are better suited for some sort of medical or mental intervention.

A very interesting take on all of this.....Quiting smoking has to be the toughest thing to ever do. I do not believe all drugs should be legal, but what is the problem with smoking pot? <br />
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The real problem is that there are so many people who need/crave/want drugs simply to exist. Without the demand, there is no issue effecting the supply side of this econmics equation.