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I Don't Do Marijuana But Believe It Must Be Made Legal

It doesn't make sense to me that cigarettes and alcohol are legal but marijuana isn't.  I believe the war on drugs is costly and useless.

Even if it were made legal, I would not smoke it (I did in the past, but not for many years) because it is contraindicated for those of us with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The government is too large and cumbersome as it is and we could use our resources much  more wisely than to pursue something as silly as marijuana convictions and incarcerations.  It's just stupid.
FlowersNButterflies FlowersNButterflies 51-55, F 13 Responses Jul 14, 2010

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Fast forward to 2014 and it is now legal in Washington state and in Colorado

If you want the us to be a stupid Mexican country then go right ahead legalize marijuana and get ready to pay more taxes so the government can provide welfare to people who sit are onus and do nothing with their life except smoke weed

People who oppose the legalization of marijuana are staying away from this story in droves! LOL! You are right, RichieRich, it IS a matter of time.

Perhaps the question is do we want the government involved at all. It WILL be legal, now it is just a matter of time.

Legalize it, tax it, and have the same conditions on it as alcohol.<br />
<br />
While smoking it does have some of the same carcinogenic properties as cigarettes, I can't see a two pack a day habit.<br />
<br />

Yes, yes, yes! Michael Moore is who is needed to take this on... wonder what his stand is. I adore him and am livid that we have to pay $100's for medicine that's only a nickle in CUBA! Kind of makes you wonder.... well, not just kinda.

Hi, Honeybit! I wonder if Michael Moore did something or plans something on this. He does take on the untouchable stuff (his work on the healthcare issue was really something to behold).

Someone should make a movie about the history of marijuana -- how it became illegal in the first place is rediculas in itself. If people were better educated about it instead of buying hook, line, and sinker the propaganda used to get the votes to make it against the law in the first place they wouldn't believe it -- it was all about making liquor the only legal drug for money making reasons (and it IS a drug) and it was also about giving the people who lost their livlihoods as 'revenuers' when prohibition was repealed another job stomping out joe citizen's rights -- because nobody in power could figure out a way to make money off of them since they could produce it for themselves. By the way -- it was once illegal in America NOT to grow it! Cotton crops pushed it out economically -- again the people with the power did that too.<br />
These laws are not to protect anyone -- they're about lining pockets. Protect from WHAT anyway -- sleeping soundly, talking too much, heightening lovemaking, or eating all of the Oreos? Heaven forbid.

I think its been under consideration for awhile.... The problem is finding a feasable way to regulate it and convinciong the right that it is not a "Gateway Drug" that is going to turn their children in to heroin addicts. I think its only a matter of time....

Tomorrow there is going to be something going for medical marijuana. I wish I could go.

Muse, do you think at some point the budget crisis in California would allow for the consideration of this option (even though jobs, health insurance benefits and pensions would be lost from the legal system)? It seems like at the point of sheer desperation, commmon sense might break through?<br />
<br />
Poison, thanks!

Couldnt agree with you more. It would certainly pull us out of our budget crises here in California. Its all about the money .... follow the money trail and you find the answers to the "why" of everything..

Well said