Weed Is The Drug I'm Thinking Of

     I was 14 when I first tried it with a friend. All I can say is THANK GOD! I started drinking then as well. I've had shrooms a few times and recommend it as long as you're in the right frame of mind. I tried LSD once but the batch must have been poor quality because it didn't do much for either my friend or I. I haven't wanted to try anything else for fear of becoming addicted.       There is no real reason for this miracle plant to be a threat to society except that maybe there would be too many people running around enjoying themselves (perhaps streakingblush) and laughing, hugging (or more) and having fun. As long as the product was cultivated with care (no pesticides, dangerous chemicals) and without it being laced with another drug what would the powers that be have to worry about?    Oh yes, how silly of me; there would be a country filled with too many Shiny Happy People (thanks R.E.M.). No one would want to work at jobs they didn't like, they would want something that was satisfying and meaningful to them (surpriseoh no) . People would start being friendly with one another surprise(ooooo, scary) . There would be an anarchy of contemplation and creativity ( surpriseno!, don't make me look). There would probably be less drinking, bringing down the rate of violence. When we see horrors on the news there is usually other drugs or alcohol involved. I've never heard of someone who was only on pot rampaging angryangryangry through a mall wielding an AK-47 (unless they have a serious anger issue angryangryangry). There is always bound to be the exception due to the type and strength of the bud and the person's state of mind... Nothing's perfect.      Now it's 32 years later and I'm unable to drink; I break out in a rash and my body doesn't feel well at all. I would still do shrooms and LSD if I trusted someone enough to provide them for me. So that leaves me with weed. Beautiful weed. It relaxes my body and mind which helps me with my anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia (pain). Then there's the bonus of laughing...... at anything. Everyone needs to laugh morelaugh. Maybe the government's worried we would laugh them out of office. I'll wrap this up by saying I just wish I had some right now. Keep Tokin' cool.
Spirit7 Spirit7
46-50, F
Sep 4, 2010