California - Yes On Prop 19!

California has been a trendsetter for a long time now. Let's do it again. Yes on 19 - legalize marijuana!
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5 Responses Oct 13, 2010

Hope it becomes legal in all fifty states

DUDE! I voted yes by mail vote-I heard a report on NPR that said that by voting yes on 19 only hurts us fellow growers and smokers-only allowed 5x5 feet of growing space. Lot of red tape-written to benefeit one person in Oakland,ca somehow? It really bummed me out-because I thought this was to legalize across the state- As a fellow smoker and have worries, because I voted yes on this and I am affraid it is more prohibitive then beneficial to us smokers. I have a chronic illness that will only progressivley get worse and will be pissed if I don't have my weed-not a nice person without my weed.

I don't even smoke andI voted "yes" on this. There are so many reasons in favor of it.

Only here in California......Want to legalize Pot......But at the same time trying to make smoking tobacco illegal.....and if not illegal.....then they will take away every p[lace that you can smoke it<br />
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I have to ask.....will smoking pot fall under the same laws as tobacco?????

I hope this passes