30yrs & Counting

Been smoking weed now for 30 yrs & intend to continue doing so until I shuffle off this mortal coil.I grow it as well under lights as the weather in Scotland is just not warm enough most summers.Had a few out door grows but not much yield & also the fact that the Policce here are just so damn gung ho on "drugs".If they catch you with even a joint you end up in court & prison or a fine though it does differ all over the UK.
Why wont the govt legalise it? well I reckon its due to the lobbying of parliament by the big Pharmaceutical companies who know that if it is made legal to smoke & grow then more people will realise that the drugs "they" peddle are extremely harmful to your health unlike cannabis which has thousands of uses & all of them beneficial to humanity.
Have a look at its a growers/smokers forum..
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Agreed. Its no more harmful than alchohol in general, some people that are inherently succeptible to psychological issues can be sent loopy by it, and a lot of people using super-skunk on a daily basis also, but that is akin to those downing copious amounts of super strength lager/sherry/spirits etc which is not illegal.

I always loved resin, particularly sticky such as red-seal or gold-seal.

Marijuana is illegal and is considered a "drug". Alcohol is legal and not considered a real drug. It's always "drugs AND alcohol". I was almost killed by a drunk driver. You never hear of someone that was badly injured in a car wreck because someone that was high on weed hit them. This is not to say that I'm against alcohol. I've been drunk many, many times. I like to enjoy alcohol now in moderation. That's the key to everything-MODERATION. I think it's so ignorant and blind to keep marijuana illegal. I think (along with you) that the pharmaceutical companies have a hand in keeping marijuana seen as an evil drug. Alcohol is far worse than marijuana (although I definitely don't want prohibition back).