What I Think:

I believe everyone should have total rights to their own body, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. So, why not legalize marijuana? It doesn't hurt people that aren't using it, and it's not all that serious.

Arguments against it's legalization:

-"It's harmful to the person using it." Not as harmful as alcohol and tobacco, those are both very legal though. How many deaths a year are from weed's health effects? Just about 0. Tobacco? A LOT!!

-"It's addictive." Everything in the world has the potential to be addictive.

-"It's a drug, so it shouldn't be legal." Caffine, tobacco and alcohol are drugs... why shouldn't we ban those then?

Legalizing marijuana would get good people out of jail, it would give the government something else to tax (good for the economy), and it would stop the huge chains of organized crime involving marijuana. My case is made.
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5 Responses Jul 15, 2012


And your case was definitely made. Tell 'em! :)

Thank you.. I have some strong feelings on the subject.. haha

And there isn't any real hard evidence to prove marijauna builds a dependancy. Infact, if you tell an addict that you are "addicted" to weed.. they "we" will laugh.

I agree. I quit drinking two years ago this month. I've gone through myself, and witnessed others go through horrible things due to alcohol, and lost many to it. However, not to pot. If alcohol and cigarettes are legal, so should weed. It's bullshit to tax citizens only to use that money to lock up people for misdemeanor marijuana charges. Helps cancer patients.. there's so many reasons. You nailed it also with what people do with their bodies is their business. My father once told me that he believes that all drugs should be legal.. not suggesting to do all of them, but that the idea of arresting someone in their home or property for something that they are doing to themselves is not the solution and is bullshit.