Pot In Canada

in 1974 the federal government of canada commisioned a crown inquiry and assembled some of the best doctors and sociologists of the time to study the impacts of pot on the population. the federal appointed body reported back to the canadian parliment that there was no negative effects of legalization on the canadian people comparing it to the prohibition of alcohol. they recomended control and taxation to eliminate the illegal sale and subsequent drug wars associated with the uncontroled distribution.
the report was immediately shelved and dismissed by our elected officials because it was not what they wanted to hear. where as during the same time through the ministry of agriculture they were supporting studies at our universities to increase the nicotine content in the tobacco grown in southern ontario. i know this because a very good friend of mine was growing these different types of tobacco at the farm his parents owned and i worked at.
just an interesting note on the hypocrisy that exsists in this topic.
try and tell a law enforcement officer at any level that he cannot have a beer after his shift and prohibition in the united states was a good idea and see the response you get.
howardcampkarma howardcampkarma
46-50, M
Sep 14, 2012