In fact, I find it quite ignorant to have ever made this naturally growing plant illegal, and even more ridiculous that we as people have had to band together for decades to get the okay for medical and recreational use of marijuana.
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I think it's better to legalize it and tax it and use the profits in the health care sector. At the moment we're criminalising narcotic addicts and we allow organized crime to grow stronger and more powerful. The war on drugs has never been successful.

It was because the lumber business was going out of business because the production of hemp. And the big business lumber people were buddies with politicians so they were able to make weed illegal. It had nothing to do with getting high on it

Propaganda. They wanted people to believe that is why its illegal

Legal or not though, im gonna smoke it... and never pay taxes for it

And yes they bash it pretty hard

right on and good luck(:

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