I'd Really Like to Know.

Is there one single rational argument for incarcerating and criminalizing Marijaunna users?  I'd like to hear it.

Has the Drug Was (a war conducted mostly against Americans) had any but the most Pyrrhic and transient of successes, despite the billions politicians have splurged on it?

Is there really any body left out there, besides preening politicians, who still thinks that one of the governments' primary resposiblities should be policing what plant I want to burn in my pipe?  Why? 

If it is a moral issue for some people, which I understand and respect, then why are you so keen to impose your morality on others, especially with such harsh and uncompromising penalties?

In my opinion, the "drug war" is a disaster that has generated far more violent crime than it ever has prevented.  I was heartened by the Attorney General's enlightened attitude on this issue.           

FarmerGiles FarmerGiles
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If the truth were presented as news, the pot fiasco would end. In many cases, armed bank robbers spend less time in prison than do marijuana offenders. Read the book, Shoulda Robbed a Bank. Tales of high adventure in the marijuana trade. And the 5 years spent in Federal Prison.

Amen!!!! criminalizing marihuana it's useless and ridiculous, they have no point in doing it.

Very well said! I agree wholeheartedly.

Well said Farmer Giles.

AMEN!!!!!! i totally agree. Right on!!!!! :D

Amen!!!!! Everything you say is soooo true! I applaud your courage and conviction. P.


yes yes and yes