THC Changes the Way You Think

I am a casual user and I do a lot of computer game programming. I find that smoking actually enhances my imagination like a wild fire, and at times it's difficult to type all my ideas down fast enough. It's true that human brains make connections to store and retrieve information, solve problems and reason. Hell, everything you do requires the brain to 'connect' to another part whenever you do something, even sleep. So, when you smoke pot, some connections actually become stronger, namely, the connection between the visual, imaginative and creative areas of the brain. However, some connections become weaker, storing and retrieving information. I'm sure there is so much more to say about this topic, but I'm feeling lazy. :)


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pot aparently produces all of the chemicals that every other drug morphen is arelaxent and speed produces seritonan and a adrenaline .pot produces all of these thats why some people have negitive reactions because there sensitive to certian chemicals in the brain.just as a matter of fact dexanphetime is used for the same purpose to stimulate the conections in the brain to retain and retreive infomation in people with ADHD

Laughed out loud at that last bit! I'm quite sure you're right and I'd like to discuss this further.<br />
...but I'm just going to go and make some toast first. ;)