Medicinal Marajuana Works, I Am Living Proof

I am 46 yrs old and was diagnosed with RA at 40, I do not live in a state that has legalized medicinal marajuana and I am forced to have a "dealer" and in your 20's or 30's that's okay, but in your 40's and 50's it is a little scary. I read about these dispenceries in California and think how nice it would be to be able to buy it like that, and not feel like a criminal. But I will never stop smoking weed, I couldn't function without it. Pain pills are manufactured poison and look at all the people hooked on them. If those poor people would smoke a bowl, they would be so much better off. Thanks for letting me spk my piece.

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I smoked a lot of pot years ago (in the old hippie days lol), but I quit to work and have not smoked it for years. Every place that I have worked they have a drug test and Mary Jane shows up easily. I must say that it is my favorite drug. It has kept me from becoming an alcoholic, because after MJ, I think that alcohol is a cheap high and really hard on the body. I don't have a problem with legalization of it, but if I get the chance to smoke it again, I hope that I have better self-control and not smoke it all the time. It does have a tendency to make you lazy. In moderation it is good.

yes, it is a very scary world out there, lots of sicko's the news is constantly almost everday, specially hard to b a teenager, she's 19 now but I can remember when my daughter was that age and she was one hell of a challenge that's for sure. and to reply to toby2day~ I 100% agree with you. have a great Sunday.

I have had RA for many years too. It has become debilitating at times. However, I can not see where Marijuana can help those medical issue FOR ME.<br />
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The legalization of it makes sense on so many levels. The problems is the government and the agencies they back scratch have not figured out a clear enough way to 'hog' the profits.<br />
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The pharmaceutical companies would rather infest our bodies with unnatural chemicals that cause a rainbow of ugly side effects....then to spend $ studying and growing 'better stuff'.<br />
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I say this having only tried the Marji once as a teen, but watching my father suffer unbearable every day...not eating...not speaking...etc without it. With it, this man leaves his bedroom and spends time with his family, having some quality of life....My brother a Vet, has been in so much pain he's had to crawl, and chooses not to take addictive meds the gov and docs push (narcotics). With marji, can ease the crawl of pain....but he and my father have to try to make it through the day and survive while looking over their shoulders in total legal fear!<br />
Infrz....I send you all the hope in the world that you have a chance at a better life without the fears of jail.<br />
Stay Safe!!!

I agree. Based on my personal experience I think that it is kept illegal because it is nature's viagra. At least when I toke a couple hits off a joint I get VERY horny and get very hard. The powers that be just don't want us regular schmoes to have any fun. But maybe the tide is turning with a new administration.