Why Not

I am a big fan of legalizing it.Pissed off too.... We support to many people in jails ,that have done nothing wrong except smoke weed or distribute what happened to free enterprise. I know darn well if the local government could get control it would be legal.

Sickest part  is a ped-O-file ,(They won't print my word) gets less time than a innocent smoker. Sick world we live in.


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5 Responses Jan 18, 2010

The war on drugs is a war on the tax payers and a war on civil rights.

There are much stronger forces behind the criminaliseing of the growing of marijuana than just the police dept and justice system. Its powerful corparations that have people blinded to the actual bennefits and uses of cultivated cannabis hemp. Thats what keeps them in a position of wealth and power so much so that they influence Govt. policies and law making.

Thanks for the link ItsFunToDream .Another pathetic attack from our government.Making victims out of people who followed government guide lines. Its easy to see how corrupt the government is when you look at stories such as this.

Have you heard the story of Eddy Lepp? <br />
<br />
He just began a full 10 year federal prison sentence for growing 32,000 medical marijuana plants legally under the guidelines of the state of California in open daylight, but the federal government came in and trumped the state government in 2004 and busted him with one billion dollars of legal pot. He was a minister and gardener with a license to grow the stuff for medical use and the feds give him 10 years. Here is a URL to story about it. I tried to post it as a link, but EP wouldn't accept html. <br />
<br />
http://www.1969magazine.com/news/obama-issues-new-medical-marijuana-policy.html<br />
<br />
Also read the comments at the end of the story and you will see where the feds gave some Indians on a reservation some hemp seed and showed them how to grow it and it wasn't even the kind you smoke. It was commercial hemp. When it was harvest time the same federal government came in and busted them and confiscated their crop. Seriously. There is a video on that as well. How boneheaded is that?

They broke the law. If they wanted to smoke pot, maybe they should have been activist about getting it legalized. So they didn't just smoke or distribute.