Not Weed Only

There's a problem with the war on drugs.  Billions of dollars have been spent in the past 30 years.  Yet the problem is still there and expanding.  A problem indeed because the prohibition made the Mafia extremely rich.  Even a lot more than in the '30's. 

What happens to all that illegal money?  Doesn't it finance corruption and all kind of crimes, big and small,  And for how long will we tolerate that international crime and terrorism can flourish because it's fed by the profits of the trade?

Moreover, prohibition is incompatible with our deeply rooted belief in individual freedom.  This contradiction too creates a lot of problems.  It makes our values shallow...


Legalizing all drugs would moreover make it a lot easier to solve the Afghan conundrum and some other problems.  And it would restore a sense of responsibility among the citizens...

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56-60, M
Feb 14, 2010