I Support Legalization. I Don't Get Why Anyone Would Use Weed Though.

I am all for legalizing weed.  It would do wonders for crime.   Just look at Prohibition.   Same thing applies here.  I also believe people are free to make their own decisions.    I just do not get why anyone would use weed for anything other then as a painkiller.  Just to be clear this is not a judgement of anyone here.    In my own personal experience all weed does is make really intelligent, interesting people into completely brain dead morons.   I am sorry, but I have yet to meet anyone who was high who had anything even remotely intelligent to say.  I mean I have friend who do use that are very intelligent an interesting, but when they smoke up you can practically feel the IQs dropping below room temperature.   It is like they have a temporary severe brain injury.  I can't be around them when they are high because they are so out of it they just annoy me.   I believe in live and let live and people are free to make their own choices.  I just don't get why someone would choose to turn themselves into the village idiot for however long the high lasts.

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Weed should have never been illegal in the first place.

I used to smoke weed in high school and I remember it only being fun if I was outside or also drinking. It does make a lot of idiotic stuff happen and or come out of peoples mouths. After going on to stronger drugs, quitting them and then trying weed again...all I do is fall asleep. Not worth my time or money really. I don't mind if someone I'm with smokes a little though. I agree that it makes sense to legalize weed for medical purposes and possibly recreational use. I've got to say I can understand why someone would want to put themselves in the place of the "village idiot" though. To forget, to feel loved, to belong with all the other village idiots if only to belong somewhere.

Exactly why marijuana is so affective, spaced out of your mind and no side affect like drugs.

I am finding out, through listening to people with disabilities, that marijuana do work, but the side affect can be weird. drugs do nothing for the daily mood swings and learn that marijuana help lower the mind anguish, which medicated drugs do not help. I do not smoke marijuana, but will consider it when I am retired and on pain meds. Funny, old age is crippling, but marijuana removes that thought process.

Have you been high? Being high makes everything feel amazing. I loved it when I was a complete stoner. If it wasn't for my inability to afford it, on top of the disapproval from society, I'd probably still be addicted to it. I agree though that it does chill you right the **** out to the point where you're practically stupid. I used to think it should be legal, but after fighting to quit, I realized that legalizing it will only allow people to think it's okay and then more and more people will become ensnared in it as I was. <br />
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I support the illegalliztion of tobacco : ]

Aside from the dumb issue, I agree. I have heard some profound **** from high-ons.

Aside from the dumb issue, I agree. I have heard some profound **** from high-ons.