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    I support my brothers and sister's out here in Denver,CO and in all other OCCUPY Locations.  While I may not be sitting and sleeping out there with them. I am with them! I believe in the idea of an America for Americans. Not for just those who have the financial influence to buy their way into things. We of the Occupy Movement do not advocate a stance that those who have more have to pay us who do not. We ask for the opportunity to try, we ask for the opportunity to succeed and not just be slapped down and ignored or stepped on. We the Huddles masses, we the poor, the tired, the hungry. You will find that WE the People come from all walks of life, some of us work more then one job to get ahead of the ball game. We know it is hard, we know life is tough, we also know life is not fair. We do not ask for any hands out, only hand ups. We ask for the politicians to stop their political dogmatic snipping which ultimately is just a dog and pony show. 

    We the People know that this political divide is deceptive that both Republican and Democratic Parties are only interested in their own self enlightened Interest's and that we the people are nothing more then a series of numbers on a poll or graph. We ask for better treatment then that, we ask to be seen as living breathing people not as mere numbers. We ask for Corporations (Big Money) to stop looking at the bottom line as how much money they can make. Instead we request for basic human sanity, respect of human life to gain supremacy. We can no longer pretend that the actions we take or do have no consequence or that we do not have to deal with said consequence until much, much later down the road. We need to take action now. we need to be responsible now.   
Michael820 Michael820 46-50, M 2 Responses Oct 13, 2011

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Far from it. It’s the Lame stream media as far as I’m concerned. You use pretty words like FAIR, OPPORTUNITY, and CULTIVATE PROPERLY. What I hear is (fair) Income equality (give me your money because I’m too lazy to work for it like everyone else), (opportunity) I don’t want equal opportunity I want preferential treatment, (cultivate properly) More big government, more control, less freedom, more BS that doesn’t work. Government does NOTHING well. <br />
The Bankers didn’t bankrupt anyone, the government did. When the government guarantees a loan to any idiot with a pulse, why should the banks complain? Why shouldn’t brokers bundle loans and sell them? Economics 101 if you have no income you shouldn’t own a big home. Duuuuah!

And I don't, I rent... I work two jobs to keep afloat and not because I spend it all. I work my *** off for a living and barely scrape by on a minimum wage. So where is the fair in this?

Oh yeah, by the way... who do you think petitioned the Government to loosen those strings on Banks to loan money to folks who could not afford homes that they should not have been in, I mean besides the minority groups and such, Oh Yeah! The Banks themselves, so that way they can make even more money off those folks the ones who could not have a hope in hell of paying anything off and hiding it all under an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Really now let's stop and think about this for a moment.

And your stupid government listened to the banks!!!!!!!!! WTF... We need to regulate the government more then the banks. Like I said Government Does Nothing Well. Big Government does it worse. It's a fact of life. Read a history book. It's been tried 1000 times.

That was a whole lot of nothing. You should be a politician. You are what you fight against. Dog and pony show, no substance.<br />
Occupy do want us to pay. The want free health care, free education, a job with good pay, a place to live, free food, free transportation. <br />
You already have the opportunity to try. Who is stopping you? Is the above the hand up you speak of. <br />
Corporations should give more money to the workers right? That sounds like a hand out to me. You get paid what you are worth in this world. If you want more money then produce more worth. <br />
You want socialism but won’t say it. Try a trip to China. See how you like it.

You like listening to the main stream media, don't you!? Occupy is more then just a group that wants free everything. Deep down once you've scratched the surface and gotten deeper past the quick-change artist's and conspiracy nuts. You will find ultimately a Humanist movement, that wants Major Corporations out of Politics. Want's more accountability (example of these Bankers who bankrupt millions). We want accountability, a fair opportunity to work and make it in the world. America as a Nation is one of wonderful opportunity, when that opportunity is allowed to grow, cultivate properly. Not get choked so that a few people can get richer and keep their power. We are a Nation that believes in try, try, try again. Sadly that has gone by the way side, in favor of the Hot, Fresh, Fast and Now!