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I Support The Occupy Movement, But Not All Members Of This Group Do...., Some are FAKES!

Contained in the Community Guidelines of Experience Project is the following:

"This is a community of Positive Support, where members share the experiences important to connect with like-minded people who understand them without being judged"

If one types in "I Support The Occupy Movement" in the search bar under "Experience Groups", the description of this very group appears as:
"I Support The Occupy Movement"...Group With Personal Stories.
"Do You Support The Occupy Movement? Join friendly people.sharing 14 true the I Support The Occupy Movement group"

Then, when you click on the link you see 'I Support The Occupy Movement" and underneath is the description of the group which says:
"For Those Of Us Who Support The Occupy Movement"

Note that the group description does not say "For Those Who Wish To DISCUSS..The Occupy Movement" and it does not say
"For Those Who Wish To COMMENT On the Occupy Movement", and it certainly does not say "For Those Who OPPOSE The Occupy Movement.

Yet, a member of this group has posted ANTI-Occupy Movement stories, so obviously he is a liar and a fake, because he does NOT
Support The Occupy Movement, but has dishonestly joined a group of "friendly, like-minded people" who all say "I Support The Occupy Movement'.

I believe that Experience Project is the best social networking website in the world; I really do.

But allowing people to join an experience group under false pretenses and subsequently post stories that do not support the central premise of this experience is deceitful and dishonest!; and I don't think the Experience Project should allow such dishonesty.

,The fact that someone can lie their way into an Experience group such as this one, which is supposed to be for those who honestly can say:
I SUPPORT THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT,,,,yet they actually do NOT "Support The Occupy Movement", but are liars and fakes who just want to spew their ultra-right wing Republican rhetoric, and don't want to do it in an honest way such as posting it in a group that DOES honestly describe their political viewpoint, such as the EP group "I Think Barack Obama is Dangerous", for example.

Those of us in this group who aren't liars and fakes, but who do truly "Support The Occupy Movement" should all "flag" any story posted by this FAKE, this LIAR, who does NOT "Support The Occupy Movement" and we should all flag any other ultra-right-wing Republican who tries to post an "anti-Occupy Movement" story as well.

If we don't take action,  these dishonest people will continue to lie their way into our group under false pretenses and write their dishonest, "fake" stories

So, FLAG the "Faker"  every time he posts an anti-Occupy story!
goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 5 Responses Nov 6, 2011

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Without commenting on the movement myself, I do wish to throw in my two-cents-worth on THIS subject. While I do agree that it is wrong for folks to become members of this group (or any group) who do NOT believe in the declared cause, I do NOT agree that those with opposing viewpoints should not be allowed to comment. That is the nature of discourse, of debate, so to ban such discussion would purely be censorship. Don't like that others don't agree with you? Get over it! It's a fact of life.

I guess you didn't read my story....I never once said that EP members with opposing views shouldn't be allowed to comment on any story in any group....What I said was.. "If we don't take action, these dishonest people will continue to lie their way into our group under false pretenses and write their dishonest STORIES......(Next time you comment on a story, it might be good to get your facts straight first)

I would urge any and all members of the "I Support The Occupy Movement" to write to EP support and ask that something be done regarding this person, because he is, apparently, in violation of the "Community Values" as well as the "Terms of Service" of the Experience Project.<br />
<br />
In addition to writing EP support, and flagging all his comments, (which are both important)<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
"There is the option to report the member on the profile page of every member, in the top right hand corner of the page, across from their user name."

I do find this interesting since I've run into this troll in many other groups and every time he is disagreeing with the group in question. His goals are obviously to distract from the actual purpose of the group and deny us a discussion that can be a part of "like minded people".<br />
<br />
He has been given every opportunity to stop the nonsence that is his mouth. He derives pleasure from other people's anger and spends his days trying to entice us into being the same kind of person that he is. I think your right. He should be flagged whenever he's off topic to a group. After all, if he really wanted to spew this garbage to those who would listen to him then he would create his own group with the given topic that he really desires to scream about.<br />
<br />
Good post! If he tries to jump into this topic then if I were you, I'd just delete his comments. Don't worry, no one will miss anything of value if you do this!

It's called flaming and he's just trying to create an emotional argument. The best thing to do is flag him like you said and refuse to respond. If we get offended than we are only giving him what he wants.<br />
<br />
Every internet community I know of has a strict rule against what he's doing.

What an incredibly simple idea, goodogstay. Many of us have been tolerating this guy's presence as if he deserved to have his say here under the first amendment. <br />
<br />
But what you've pointed out here was perhaps too obvious for some of us hardened members to see - as it lay jus ahead of our noses.<br />
<br />
Is organization necessary to the Occupy movement? Prolly not critical. <br />
<br />
But that don' mean we need NEVER use it. Hmmmm.<br />
<br />
Was a sign hung over the backbar in my ol man's tavern ... "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."