Selected News Media Barred From Occupy La Evictions Last Night

During the eviction of occupy LA last night, the city government gave limited and "controlled" access of what could be reported by the media. Also, they limited access to "which" media could be present at the park during the evictions.

Those who weren’t allowed to be present during the eviction were told that if they didn’t leave the park when the arrests began would themselves be arrested. The ACLU is planning to file an injunction against the city of LA if the ban on news agencies is not lifted, citing that free speech rights have been violated.

There has been continuous live streams of the event sent by the protestors through their camera phones though the police did their best to arrest the ones sending the feeds first and they confiscated their phones.

I’m also seeing reports from the protestors that even though they haven’t been convicted of a crime, they are forcing them to give DNA samples.

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4 Responses Nov 30, 2011

Oh, I see. So as long as the tea party rights are not tromped on then it's OK? But man, you people are ready to go to court because of an occupy protest in Richmand? Siting that your constitutional rights were stepped on because the tea party had to pay for their little protests while the occupy movement didn't.<br />
<br />
And again, because the actual post is hard to dispute since facts are facts, you go to the standard method that you always use. You try to create a distraction from the actual point. It really doesn't work willi. That tactic has been used for the last few years and guess what? People are becoming wise to that little trick.

I was referencing that media blog site... Not Occupy ....You were speaking of the media weren't you?.. A bit of deflection?.. Can't you at least be honest in your own thread? Bill in Va.

Most popular news outlet? Would that be FOX news? The editorial news program that never reports the news without a spin? Huh. And this "fringe element" as you choose to call it has gone global unlike the tea party.

Lets see.. The Obama administration tried to bar the most popular cable news outlet from certain briefings.. and you're reporting on some fringe elements being barred?... Makes me wonder.. Bill in Va.