I Like My Husband In Panties

My husband wears panties and we know lots of other men who wear panties, some are also married like us and enjoy wearing panties with there wife. Its playful, its fun and men just look way better in tight panties than boring mens underwear. For some woman yes it can be sort of hard to get used to seeing your man in panties and the thoughts of why he wears panties. The biggest thing is that many woman stereotype men who wear panties as being gay or bisexual when the fact is that most men who wear panties are straight and just as masculine as any other man. Its hard for many woman not to freak out and be stubborn or open to any sort of communication. For those woman who are open to communication about there man wearing panties, they are relieved to find out the reasons he wears panties is nothing that will jeopardize your relationship. More woman need to open up and see there is no harm in a man that likes to wear panties. One thing to remember is that panties are just that panties, they are clothing and they do not change the man you are with, but for some woman it can be hard not to jump to conclusions. The best thing if you find out your man likes to wear panties is not to confront him but talk to him, find out why he enjoys them before making any sort of decision as to whether you can accept it or not. I know for me and my husband its helped our relationship grow and be stronger as we both feel comfortable being able to be open and honest with each other and tell each other things instead of having to hide things. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2011

A very sound story, I agree so what if a man likes to wear panties. There just underwear after all. I know I love the soft silky feel of wearing panties,they are so much nicer to wear compared to mens underwear.<br />
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