911 Operator Says It's Ok To Shoot Intruder

This happened near where I live a year ago. If anyone believes that a person shouldn't have a gun to defend themselves, read this.


Oklahoma Woman Shoots and Kills Intruder

A young Oklahoma mother shot and killed an intruder to protect her 3-month-old baby on New Year's Eve, less than a week after the baby's father died of cancer.

Sarah McKinley says that a week earlier a man named Justin Martin dropped by on the day of her husband's funeral, claiming that he was a neighbor who wanted to say hello. The 18-year-old Oklahoma City area woman did not let him into her home that day.

On New Year's Eve Martin returned with another man, Dustin Stewart, and this time was armed with a 12-inch hunting knife. The two soon began trying to break into McKinley's home.

As one of the men was going from door to door outside her home trying to gain entry, McKinley called 911 and grabbed her 12-gauge shotgun.

McKinley told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO that she quickly got her 12 gauge, went into her bedroom and got a pistol, put the bottle in the baby's mouth and called 911.
Teen Mom Shoots, Kills Intruder Watch Video
Woman Kills Intruder Breaking Into Her Home Watch Video
Teen Mom Kills Home Intruder Watch Video

"I've got two guns in my hand -- is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door?" the young mother asked the 911 dispatcher. "I'm here by myself with my infant baby, can I please get a dispatcher out here immediately?"

The 911 dispatcher confirmed with McKinley that the doors to her home were locked as she asked again if it was okay to shoot the intruder if he were to come through her door.

"I can't tell you that you can do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby," the dispatcher told her. McKinley was on the phone with 911 for a total of 21 minutes.

When Martin kicked in the door and came after her with the knife, the teen mom shot and killed the 24-year-old. Police are calling the shooting justified.

"You're allowed to shoot an unauthorized person that is in your home. The law provides you the remedy, and sanctions the use of deadly force," Det. Dan Huff of the Blanchard police said.

Stewart soon turned himself in to police.

McKinley said that she was at home alone with her newborn that night because her husband just died of cancer on Christmas Day.

"I wouldn't have done it, but it was my son," McKinley told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO. "It's not an easy decision to make, but it was either going to be him or my son. And it wasn't going to be my son. There's nothing more dangerous than a woman with a child."
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On the other hand, if you had gun control like we do here in the UK, the chance of an intruder with a gun trying to break into your home would be about zero.

There was a temporary, short-lived spike in gun violence after the 1997 act, which had nothing to do with the act, but was due to the never before seen phenomenon of teenage street gangs using guns, after which our gun, and also overall violent crime rates, have fallen year on year, and are at an all time low. Here are our Office for National Statistics figures:
Some newspapers have reported that the violent crime rate went up last year, but the ONS does not release the figures until March, so we will see the true picture then. Our experience is that gun control keeps guns out of the hands of criminals; if you read those ONS figures, you will notice that most of the small amount of gun crime we do get is committed by people using legal guns. Anyway, the main piece of gun legislation in this country is the 1968. It was this act that established that self-defence is not a valid reason to own a gun. No one has ever suggested that there was any increase in gun violence after the '68 act! Now, pay attention! Given a total number of gun crimes in the USA last year of 52,252, as reported by the gun violence archive, and the number of defensive use cases only being 1,259, which is just 2.4094% of all cases, wouldn't you say that this proves that the "right to bear arms" is putting guns into the hands of criminals? I sure would! And spare me the racialist **** about "radical muslims taking over the country." We haven't been taken over by anyone. My next door neighbours are muslims. Stop attacking ethnic groups you clearly know nothing about. You are in more danger of being killed by a good ol' boy exercising his "right to bear arms" than a muslim, a situation which could never happen here. The muslims ain't taken our country over, but the NRA have sure taken over yours!

Yes those of us here remember this, please people remember what the police responce time will be compaired to the responce time of an intruder allready in your home before you throw away your 2nd ammendment rights. J.

You are absolutely right! I had an experience once years ago where I was alone in my apartment at 3 a.m. Someone started pounding on the door and yelling for me to let him in, as well as yelling obscenities and what he planned on doing to me. I ran into the living room and it looked like the door would give way any moment. I grabbed the phone and called 911, and yelled back at the guy that the police were on the way and to leave. God must have been with me, because the guy left. It took the police 20 minutes to get there. I told them what happened, and they said that I should get a gun because they cannot always get to the scene quickly. They said the ONLY way to ensure my safety was be armed.

so very very true, i am glad he ran away

You and me both!!!!! I was scared, to say the very least. He stalked me. One day a month or so after that happened, he found me at the swimming pool in my apt. complex. I'd gotten off work early and decided to lie in the sun for a while. He was standing over my lounge chair. It made me so angry----I was more angry than scared that time. I jumped up and started yelling at him....not sure what I said, but it was ugly. I got in his face and he started backing up.....then he ran off. Never saw him again.