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Here in the state of West Virginia, we have what they call the castle law, and that means, if you break-in to my home I can BLOW YOUR *** AWAY, AND THERE AIN'T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!  SO IF YOU WANT TO DO A SNEAK ATTACK, I AM WARNING YOU, WE WEST VIRGINIAS CARRY PISTOLS AND IN OUR CARS, AND IN OUR TRUCKS AND ON OUR FOUR WHEELERS, WE ARE GUN TOTON MOTHERF***ERS  !!!!  warning:  if you decided to break into either of my homes BEWARE:  i HAVE RATTLESNAKES & COPPERHEADS, because I go to a church and I own the church that handles them thar snakes

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This law passed lasr year in Charleston, WV. It entitles us to protect are homes, and what's inside!