Taxed Enough All Ready!

The TEA Party grew out of a spontaneous concern from millions of Americans that government has gotten way too big and is taking way too much of our money in taxes and hidden taxes.

The TEA party was not created by some rich republicans as the rich democrat media alleged. There were several attempts to capture the TEA party by those who wanted its support, but they were met with only very limited success. What has done in the TEA Party was individuals who argued about who was in charge, and consequently didn't accomplish as much as they could have.

I supported the whole concept of Taxed Enough Already, cut taxes, and reduce government. I was never bought by any power group and still am not.

We are taxed way too much. Government has gotten way too big. We need to restore freedom to American people.
DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
Jan 14, 2013