I Know Many Will Not Understand

i support the war on terror.

i am personally deeply invested in fighting it as it has a very large part of my life for 20 years.

i was involved in fighting it before it had a name back in the mid 1970's up to 9-11 and through retirement a year ago.

The old saying is true ... "been there done that".

i am deeply invested emotionally as a fighter is who stood shoulder to shoulder with friends and buddy's in the fray.

i am deeply invested as a Senior Non-Com who mustered another generation to go stand in the fray and ensure they had all the material and equipment needed to complete their tasks.

Our men and women fighting this war believe in the job they have been given and want to complete it to the very best of their abilities.

i know this from those i was over and have spoken with them at length on the US and their involvement int the War On Terror.

It was never an easy part of my life but then again my life hasn't been easy.

i know others feel differently ... and they have that right.

i know America and it's soldiers are doing the right thing when it comes to defeating hate and aggression in this world.

My mind will never be changed on that, regardless of what anyone says to me or what names they call me.

It took the United States of America approximately 13 years to create a Constitution and a Republic after our own War of Independence.

The Afghans created a democratic form of government in a couple of years and are still on that path.

The Iraqis created a democratic form of government also in a couple of years and have not stopped either in trying to be free.

Though wobbly they are trying and i believe we must stand by them and help them accomplish their dreams.

It will never be easy but if it was it would not be worth it.

I hate war. i'll repeat that so everyone can hear it loud and clear ... i hate war!

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

General and former President Eisenhower said it as best i have ever heard it. It is true, very very true.

And yet even so i know that this War on Terror must be fought to it's rightful conclusion. This war does have an impact on America, it's citizens and it's soldiers, a heavy one.

Either the enemy will be victorious in subjugating all who do not follow their ways OR we will aid the world in being safe.

Safe enough that others and us may continue to follow our dreams and desire as we have been allowed to do for the last couple hundred years.

i can not turn back. i can not allow others hope to be crushed. i have seen their faces ... they deserve a chance.

A chance is what America offer them in fighting the radicals who would devastate their lives as well as ours. Our soldiers build schools, bring back electric plants and rebuild what others and the effects of war has destroyed.

i offer no apology for my views, i firmly believe this. i stand on my belief and principles as one who has learned them through the fire.

Force is necessary for survival. Terror must be stopped and halted from growing into a force that will consume all it touches.


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SaratogaGirl, you are correct in your statement on China and Tibet however you didn't state the reasoning behind it. That is a tactic of China as a Communist State. They are they for the purpose of keeping themselves viable therefore any one standing against them is an enemy and a terrorist cause they are on land they claim.<br />
<br />
As for terrorism, politicians will never define it. But as the Supreme Court Justice once said of *********** ... I know it when I see it. For me I will not lie idle and do nothing and I hope my country will not either. Groups are terrorist and these groups have one goal ... destroy America and Americans.<br />
<br />
Plus they have State-sponsors and individuals providing the funding and training and even logistics to aid them in achieving their goal.<br />
<br />
For me, after 25+ years in the service ... I chose to fight. I definitely do not want my leaders sitting back and allowing another plane to kill Americans by flying into some tower. Or allow 'terrorists' into this country to drive on a military ba<x>se with the purpose of killing American soldiers.<br />
<br />
Many people today do not want to take a stand on anything, let alone their own defense or freedom. I choose to take the stand.

Ive seen on the "war on terror" as a medic in Iraq and afghanistan, returning from the latter 3 months ago. To be frank i believe in what we have done but how it forms part of the war on terror is something that continues to escape me. From my bit of that dust bowl all i ever came up against were backward ignorant villagers, living in hovels with no concept of the outside world. Essentially these guys don't seem to care either way. They seem to hate the Talib and ISAF jointly because where one appears the other will surely follow and when that happens their entire world, as it is, falls apart. The politics and ideology seem to mean little to them, they just want to be left to get on with their lives and eek out a living where they can - to them it makes no odds if it involves trading with ISAF or laying IED's or being amateur gun slingers for the Taliban. I have seen the Taliban flee into local mosques, ive heard of them deliberately using the homes of people pro-isaf as firing points knowing full well we will fire back with the heavy stuff. The point i'm trying to make is at the coal face where i was its very hard to see what the war is about or how we are achieving anything. This is especially when you have Afghan local officials undoing any good will we manage to gain by extorting the local population with protection rackets.

As much as i hate war itself, i believe that against terrorism we must be on the offensive. The enemy must be sought out and defeated where they are at, and not wait for them to come to us. To play a defensive game here would lead to more death and destruction.<br />
<br />
WWII technically isn't ended as we maintain bases in Europe and the Far East. We, as ordinary citizens, still enjoy more freedom than many many other countries. Regardless of the Patriot Act.<br />
<br />
What worries me more is criminals and terrorists having more rights than i do. It use to be said money buys the best lawyer, now terrorist get lawyers for free and enjoy more rights than the ordinary citizen.<br />
<br />
On the battlefield is where any war needs to be won ... not a courtroom or the Halls of Congress.

I speak of the war on terror and you on voter fraud. I know it exists and it has for years in many forms and many companies ... not just the one you mention. Maybe we should discuss the topic of the story and not scatter buckshot all over the wall .. which incidentally, doesn't address the subject at hand. Clouds the issue. Your topic deserves it's own story ... so write it and open yourself up for comments by others.

The chief problem in the "war on terror" is that it can never end. That is because "terror" is not a state, it is not an army, it is not a movement, it is not a villain. It is a tactic. Plus, it is a tactic defined by anyone. One nation's terror is another nation's freedom fighting. Thus, as long as anyone, anywhere, is involved in fighting, there will be "terror" as defined by someone. <br />
It is in this way that the armaments dealers and the totalitarians can invoke their endless "war" to continue to justify massive arms buildups, continuous calls to arms, ongoing curtailments of civil liberties, and continued military expeditioning. We have the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and we have the Russians in Chenya and South Ossetia. If Tibetans take up arms for their freedom, the Chinese government will label them terrorists. <br />
Had the Bushites declared a War on Al-Queda, it would have been justified and it could have had a defined ending. But instead, they showed their true colors and declared a "war" that can never have an end. Thus they managed to achieve endless war.