I am agender and on the asexual spectrum which is queer. We make up 1% of population. I live with a conservative Christian family. I hope they eventually get it and wise up. But hell truth is they probably won't because they don't have to.
Well, even though I may not experience all the awkwardness a gay person experiences but I do face problems because of my orientation or lack of one.
I just want to say I support the community.
And there is debate about whether asexuals are part of the LGBTQ. I think we are because we do get teased and also not taken seriously when we open up about our problems. Plus asexual people are often also gender queer. And also the majority of the population is ignorant of our way of life and thinking. So we mostly stay in the closet to avoid awkward invasive, personal or stupid question!
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I'm Ace and Agender also. I used to believe that asexuals should not be in the LGBT because I don't know. My best friend and I had a serious discussion about my gender and asexuality. He knew about it before this, but when we had a discussion about it he stated his viewpoints. He kinda said a lot of hateful **** basically telling me that asexuality and being agender doesn't exist naturally. They assumed that it had a traumatic event in my life that changed my gender (they said sex actually which is incorrect).

EDIT: Im sorry if this was incoherent at first. I edited it.

That's messed up. Plenty of people have endured trauma and still are straight or gay. That has always bothered me. "Were you abused as a kid?" No, but that is a crappy way of bringing that up if I had been.

I am transgender, I think you should be covered by LGBTQ!! You are as important to the work as the rest of us!

That makes me so happy! :)

I appericiate you posting this.